Bucerias Music Festival in Bucerias Mexico

VIVA Bucerias Mexico! Bucerias Mexico is hosting the first of many Viva Bucerias! Bucerias International Music Festival and its all happening on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit.

This Sunday, December 8th, the Viva Bucerias International Music Festival 2013 will be taking place in the Bucerias Centro Main Plaza, starting at 3pm, and going into the evening. The musical festival is free event so bring the entire family. The musicians are donating their time as well, with prominent and well known musicians performing at the festival.
This event is organized by Cheko Ruiz, a musician on his own, and who also performs with the Luna Rumba Band, a Latin music group who has recently won two awards; the USA International Song Writing Contest (second place) and the John Lennon Award for World Music (third place).  The AllStars will also be performing with musicians Chas Eller on keyboards and Bryan Savage on flute and sax. This is the first festival of its kind, and will continue to be an annual event.
The Mayor of Bahia De Banderas will be assisting coordinating the event, and has given the green light to provide the stage and sound as well as the Lighting for this event.  Miguel Angel will be feeding the musicians and event staff.
Lupe Dipp, owner of Los Arroyos Verdes will be the Master of Ceremonies, and I have not a doubt in m mind that she will be keeping us informed and entertained between band setups!

Check Ruiz has located many top musicians from different bands and different type of genres to play at the Viva Bucerias International Music Festival. What a terrific line up for a Bucerias Mexico Music Festival!
The bands that will be performing, along with the country they are representing are:  Luna Rumba Trio for world music – Canada, Mexico represents.  Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars-USA and Canada, Cuba playing Jazz,  Italy Rumba, Flamenco World Music, Tatewari-Mexico, Flamenco Los Monda-Mexico,  Funk and Rock Trem De Minas-Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico.  Playing Jazz and Funk Son De Afuera-Denmark, Son Jarocho Trenzas Negras-Mexico, Andina Music Quilombo-Mexico Salsa, as well as Samba and African Dancers to liven up the show.

WOW! What a great lineup! A show not to be missed!!! Come one, come all, to the free musical event of the season the Viva Bucerias International Music Festival 2013 in Bucerias Mexico!

Discover the live Music and entertainment in Bucerias Mexico
for fun
on the Riviera Nayarit!



Bucerias  Airstream / Parked RV Rentals

Bucerias Rentals can vary on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

At Los Arroyos Verdes, we have all kinds of Bucerias rentals, one being a  airstream (Bucerias RV rentals) for staying.  If you want to stay in our space, in something different, try the airstream. We also have full amenities at our RV park. If you want to bring your own house on wheels, you can do that too and stay here with us.

I love the Airstreams, their dynamic design, their ability to travel and they last a lifetime due to the fact that they are made of aluminum. When I began to build Los Arroyos Verdes, I always wanted to have an airstream in the gardens on site, for the visitors. And it turns out it is my most sold room, at $80USD a night; something different for your stay at Los Arroyos Verdes for  Bucerias rentals

One day, as I was driving around Bucerias on the main road, I saw the airstream parked next to a taco stand. I stopped to look at it, in its perfect condition from 1967. I asked the owner of the taco stand who it belonged to and he said “it is mine”. I said “yours??” and I asked him if he was interested in selling it. He responded “why not!”

I walked up to check it out and entered it. It wasn’t in the best conditions inside, but as the good architect that I am, a thousand ideas started coming to my mind about how to fix it up to make a nice Bucerias rentals addition.
“It’s Christmas” said the owner, “My daughter lives in it, can it wait until after Christmas?” I told him “Of course not, I want to take it home today!” In the end, we made a deal and I helped the daughter pack all of her stuff in boxes and I left with my shiny airstream on the way to Los Arroyos Verdes, which at the time was still completely under construction. We polished it, cleaned it, straightened it up, connected the bathrooms, water, gas, electricity, television and now we have another room at Los Arroyos Verdes, creating another fun  Bucerias rentals.

The airstream is surrounded by gardens and has access to all of the amenities if you stay in it.  Our amazing pool, gym, Bamboo Restaurante, Temezcal (sweat lodge) and spa. We also have a area specifically for pets! with their own dunking pool… So, come and stay with us, come and get to know our space, come and visit! Check out all of our Bucerias rentals, one and two bedroom casitas,  and our One Bedroom Villas  and Two Bedroom Villas, lofts and of course, the airstream!

Los Arroyos Verdes has also recently added their Two  Bedroom Villas for SaleLocated 5 minutes from the Bucerias Beach and Bucerias Centro makes a perfect location for short or long term stays.

We are Mexico, Los Arroyos Verdes Bucerias.

Discover all of the Bucerias Rentals at Los Arroyos Verdes on
the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!


Bucerias Mexico Rentals on the Riviera Nayarit


Looking for a terrific Bucerias Mexico rental? There is a wide variety for the Bucerias Mexico rentals for the individual looking to vacation or relocate to the wonderful community of Bucerias Mexico.  Located on the amazing Riviera Nayarit, this great pueblo  is located only 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, makes the town of Bucerias Mexico easy to access, yet still have the authentic Mexican pueblo flavor and the wonderful beaches we all enjoy on a Mexico vacation.

There are many Bucerias Mexico rentals, including beachfront rentals, ocean view rentals, one and two bedroom rental opportunities, and even green ECO rentals. Bucerias Mexico long-term rentals are for the individual interested in relocation, or in a retirement situation and getting away for at least 6 months. Click on the links for more information, and also click on the photos for more photo galleries.
Here is a sampling of some of the great temporary and long-term opportunities that Bucerias Mexico has to offer:

Bucerias Green ECO Rentals
These are Bucerias Mexico rentals for the environmentally conscious tourist. Those looking to reduce their carbon foot-print can especially consider the Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat, with amazing RV Bus Rentals, one bedroom and two bedroom bungalows, as well as one bedroom and two bedroom villas.  Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat is located only 5 minutes from Bucerias Centro and the playa. This Green Eco Retreat has everything you could dream of; the Bamboo Restaurant, Huge solar heated pool, day spa, workout center, tienda (store) and a large laundry facility. Los Arroyos Verdes has over 30 Bucerias Mexico Rentals, which creates the beautiful and amazing space for the perfect wedding venue, or any life celebration for you, your family and friends.
Click on the links to view the villas, casitas and the RV rentals. You may also click on the photos, as they link to the photo galleries.
Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat. Luxury and Eco Green…”We wait for you” ….

Bucerias Bungalow Rentals..Mexican Style!
Located at the main town square in Bucerias Mexico is Miguel Angel Bungalows. A gated Bucerias Mexico rental  that has a nice grass yard that is completely fenced in is perfect for you small pet! Yes, Miguel Angel Bungalows are very a Bucerias pet friendly rental!  Enjoy a one or two bedroom bungalow only 2 minutes to the playa. Away from the loud bars, close to shops, and you will surely enjoy the Mexican Fiestas that take place in the town square. Dancing and traditional folklore come to the stage, yet end early enough so you can sleep at night! Enjoy a 10% discount at Miguel Angels Restaurant and Bar located right next door to these Bucerias Bungalows.

Bucerias Beachfront Rentals / Oceanfront Rentals
These types of  Bucerias Mexico rentals offer the tourist unparalleled views of Banderas Bay, often from a balcony. The wide assortment of properties usually can sleep multiple amounts of people. Most are able to host five individuals and is usually rented for between $150 to $295 a night. These Bucerias beachfront rentals usually include air conditioning, fans and screens, and most have either dipping pools, or in a large casa or condo setting larger pools.
Many of these beachfront rentals require a minimum stay.

Bucerias One Bedroom Rentals
There is also many Bucerias Mexico one bedroom rentals for the vacationer to consider, ranging from units with scenic beach and ocean views to units that are near many city attractions, the Bucerias restaurants and markets, and only minutes from the Bucerias playa. These Bucerias Mexcio rentals range from $120 to $175 a night, depending on how long your stay is.

Bucerias Two Bedroom Rentals
For those who require a little more space, Bucerias Mexico rentals also have many two bedroom rentals available, from $185 to $250 a night. Enjoy a Bucerias Beachfront Two Bedroom Rental, or one a couple of blocks away from the playa. Our Bucerias rentals are close to all amenities, making your stay easy and fun!

Bucerias Long-Term Rentals
For those wishing to relocate to this tropical paradise permanently there are Bucerias Mexico  long-term rentals available. Usually starting at between $500-$1800 and up, these long-term rentals usually require a six month to a year commitment, and come in Bucerias Beachfront Rentals and Bucerias Mexico rentals of all sizes.

Remember that in Bucerias Mexico, summer rates differ greatly from the peak season, which is from October/ November to April/ May. This lush paradise, where the mountains meet the sea have  Bucerias Mexico rentals options to consider and is well worth the money. These Bucerias Mexico rentals provide you with a place to stay and the experience of a lifetime!

Discover Bucerias Mexico Rentals for a Riviera Nayarit fun vacation on the Mexican Riviera.


Bucerias Community – The BBCC is for Everyone!


I love living in the Bucerias community on the Riviera Nayarit. The color of Mexico life makes all of my senses come to life. Bright colors abound together, ones I would not have considered wearing together in Colorado, but do now with much delight. The heart centered energy of the Mexican culture opens my heart also, their faith and love of family and life renews my spirit.
Click on the photos that take you to the photo galleries, and the links for more information.

Living on the Riviera Nayarit and owning websites allows me to help non-profit organizations get their word out and about. They must be truly non-profit to get my attention. There are so many ways to help the Riviera Nayarit communities.

During the winter season, many expats come down for the 5 or 6 months to enjoy the warm weather. These people help out immensely with all kinds of non-profit events in many ways. However, its summertime now, and non-profit organizations like the BBCC need our help.  The BBCC summer program for the children has just begun. Its really fun for the kids, and all of the teachers and volunteers are absolutely NOT paid in any way. I will be teaching the kids how to swim! and help out with the birdwatching classes .with Luis Morales from the San Pancho Birding Observatory, another wonderful non-profit organization.

The Bucerias Community has a community center, called the BBCC, or Bucerias (Bilingual) Community Center.  The BBCC was founded in 2007, and offers a central hub for all residents and visitors to the area who wish to make new friends, learn different cultures and know more about their neighbors and their way of life. This Bucerias Community Center is an activity center dedicated to cultural appreciation for peoples of all ages and nationalities. The BBCC offers a summer program for disadvantaged kids so they can come and learn new hobbies and skills. The Children have fun learning and experiencing bird watching with Luis Morales who heads up the San Pancho Birding Observatory, clay sculpture, guitar lessons, swimming lessons, art and yoga and dance, as well as learning English. There will be story telling and fun and games. The children’s summer program fun started this week, so it’s not too late to get your children involved for the Bucerias community classes.  Call the BBCC at 322-102-0382, or stop by to Calle 16 De Septembre #40 Col La Unidad. You may also email them at: BuceriasBilingualCenter@yahoo.com

In general, the Bucerias Community Center serves some 60% Expats and 40% locals.  Seasonally this changes but during October to April when the Bucerias Community Center classes and workshops and main fundraising events take place, we are supported by Canadians, North Americans, Mexicans and some European or other South American culture-seekers! Contact the BBCC today for class information, or find out the many different ways you can help to support the Bucerias Community. Thank YOU!

Find out more about the Bucerias Community on the Riviera Nayarit in amazing Mexico.



Beautiful Bucerias Art & Collectables
Jan Marie Boutique

To discover Bucerias art, try Jan Marie Boutique, located on the Riviera Nayarit in Bucerias, Mexico. The beautifully designed Bucerias art shop has wonderfully crafted, hand made collectibles for every style! The store helps the community and buys unfinished art pieces from the local Mexican artists.  Their services include custom made art pieces.
Click on the photos to go to the Jan Marie Boutique photo gallery.

Shoppers can find anything from furniture and fine art to lamps, home accessories, and even ceramic tableware. With Easter in mind, the boutique also  showcase crosses from different artists from all around Mexico and are made from wood, tin and pewter. Each cross is unique and crafted to perfection. The store front is filled with beautiful Bucerias art and collectibles. Blown glasses and copper can also be found with intuitive designs that adapt to even the most elegant taste.

There are so many great conversational Bucerias art pieces that are very appealing to the artistic eye. There are the most fabulous works of onyx and authentic Mexican pottery. The Mexican Talavera pottery originates from Mexico and is the prettiest to look at.  These hand painted pieces are perfect for dressing up your table for Easter! The ceramic Talavera tableware is completely authentic, lead free, and will last your family forever. There is also more Talavera tableware at Jan Marie Talavera Galleria.

Shopping for Bucerias art at Jan Marie Boutique allows visitors to bring home authentic pieces of Mexico that they can show off for a lifetime. There are many styles of beautiful furniture for leisure or center pieces. The array of furniture includes anything from unusual chairs to tables. View the gallery of the many items from Mexican artists.  There are many different styles of home accessories and Bucerias art including uniquely crafted dishes and sculptures of all sizes.

There are so many wonderful things to see in this amazing boutique! There is something for everyone. Buy the kids a souvenir they can show to their friends when they get back home! Don’t forget to stop by and say hello when you are in the area. The locals here are very friendly and love to see new faces. Come visit Jan Marie Boutique for the finest Bucerias art and collectibles, located across from Mark’s Bar and Grill on Lazaro Cardenas 58.

Discover Bucerias Art and Collectables at Jan Marie Boutique on the amazing Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!


Bucerias Rentals Green Living at Los Arroyos Verdes

The Riviera Nayarit is the perfect place for a Mexico vacation, and Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat has green living at its best for your Bucerias Rentals needs. The Riviera Nayarit is a magical place where the jungle meets the beach. This area of Mexico is known for its safety,  and Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat is your green haven while here in Mexico. Whether it be for a one or two week  Bucerias vacation, or something long term, Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat and their Bucerias Bungalows rentals can accommodate with luxury at affordable pricing.

Los Arroyos Verdes green living retreat is about 5 minutes form Bucerias Centro and the Bucerias beaches. This makes it perfect for discovering the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta and Old Town Vallarta, while being able to retreat back to your beautiful Bucerias rentals in the glorious setting that Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat offers to refresh for the next outing. Los Arroyos Verdes retreat has the Bucerias rentals you looking for!

The Los Arroyos Verdes Bungalows and Suites

Los Arroyos Verdes Bungalows and Suites are stylish and comfortable. Comfort is a way of living at Los Arroyos Verdes, and you will be extremely satisfied with their one bedroom and two bedroom Bucerias bungalow rentals furnishings. The Bungalows and Suites are surrounded by a green garden delight. Everywhere you look your eyes will find beauty, whether it be the flowering plants, organic herb and vegetable gardens, or the sculptures and paintings that bring a life confirming energy into your being.  All of the art and plants are for purchase as well. So, if you happen to fall in love with a special piece, you may take it home with you.

The Bucerias Rentals One Bedroom Bungalow and Suites

These Bucerias rentals and Bungalows, or One Bedroom studios have all been created with your comfort in mind.  King sized beds with large flat screen T.V’s in the bedroom. The kitchens are fully stocked, and a nice sized refrigerator and kitchen appliances are at your fingertips. Your own personal patio surrounded in green with comfortable loungers await. A private dressing room is also a nice touch.
Owner Guadalupe Dipp is one amazing architect with an unmeasured creativity and style. She has created the Eco green living in this beautiful paradise, and the Bucerias rentals here compliment this green lifestyle of simple, yet upgraded luxury.  She would be honored to meet you! Spacious and decorated with art and love, these one bedroom Bucerias rentals are here waiting for you.

Bucerias Rentals
Two Bedroom Bungalow and Suites

The Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat Two Bedroom Bungalow and Suite rentals are perfect for a family of 4. Needing a little extra room for guests, or more room for yourself? The spacious upgraded style of living you will surely appreciate. Like their one bedroom Bucerias  rentals, these bungalows have fully stocked kitchens. If there is something you desire, you only need to ask. A king size bed in the master bedroom and two twins in the second bedroom, along with plenty of closet space. There is also a separate dressing room, and a safe for your passport and other valuables. Not that you would need one at Los Arroyos Verdes, as their is 24 hour security, and this green community is fully gated as well, with someone at the gate at all times.
Discover the beauty of these Bucerias rentals, one or two bedrooms!

Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat Amenities

Surround yourself with the beauty you deserve, and all of the perks too! Los Arroyos Verdes has everything your heart could want. Their pool is quite large that wraps around a covered area with all different kinds of chairs and loungers, some made for two!
Its a nice place to enjoy friends, be romantic, or to relax and read a book.  Around the outside of the pool are lots of umbrellas and sun loungers. Every Sunday, there is live music at the pool. This is a favorite of the Bucerias locals and long term Los Arroyos Verdes renters, and is a wonderful time to enjoy meeting new people and making lifetime friends.
The Los Arroyos Bamboo restaurant faces the pool, and their service is impeccable.  Lunch and drinks by the pool is delightful, and their menu will have what your looking for, be it vegan, vegetarian or a meat and fish lover.Dinner is wonderful…try their fresh catch of the day.  All of the ingredients are fresh, and many from their own gardens.  After dining, enjoy the comfortable living area just off of the restaurant. Sit and relax with a cup of coffee or after dinner drink.

Ahhhh..It’s Spa Day!

Just down the walkway from the pool is the Los Arroyos Verdes Day Spa. Receive a wonderful massage and get a manicure and pedicure. You should always treat yourself throughout  your life on a regular basis. However, sometimes we get too busy and forget! When your on vacation, help your mind and body relax and forget about the daily tasks we normally have to go through. Get those toes and nails painted a pretty color. Breathe deeply during your massage to release toxins. Ahhh…the spa! Specializing in Deep Tissue and Swedish, your choice.
Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat also has a Sweat Lodge. Guided by professionals, you can release toxic emotions and thoughts, while cleansing your body of toxins as well. If you have never tried a sweat lodge, this may be your chance.

La Tienda

Los Arroyos Verdes has a store with unique collectables, clothes, suits for the pool, scarfs, original paintings and art.  Everything is for sale at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat. Plants, the art in your Bucerias rental….fall in love and take it home! This is also where their office is located. The Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat staff is professional and attentive to your needs. Come and visit this wonderland, and you will never want to leave!


Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat has a complete gym for your workout convenience. This gym also has a large floor for yoga classes and other types of floor workouts. Don’t have your yoga mat? No worries…Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat has plenty available for you.
With up to date equipment, working out was never easier!

Laundry Facilities

When its time to do your laundry, you will be surprised how nice their laundry facility is! There are plenty of washers and dryers, and while you wait there are comfortable chairs and couches. There is also a large desk for working on your computer, or other things.  A large conference style table is also available. Comfort and style…that is Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat…..yes, this photo to the right is actually part of the laundry room!

Discover the difference at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat Bucerias rentals, for a one bedroom bungalow rental, or a two bedroom bungalow rental. They also have RV rentals! As well as amazing Wedding planning and special events. Short term for a fantastic Bucerias vacation, or you may want to stay long term and relocate to the Riviera Nayarit permanently!


Breathe in the beauty at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat when staying in your Bucerias rentals one or two bedroom bungalow rental, all on the amazing Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.





Mexican Folk Dancing at Bucerias Restaurant
Sonora a la Parrilla

Bucerias, located on the north end of the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico has a wonderful Bucerias Restaurant Sonora a la Parrilla. There are plenty of  Bucerias restaurants, however this Bucerias restaurant is the only one specializing in Sonoran beef.
On Saturday, Jan 20th, they are having a FREE Folkloric Mexican Dance Show! There is no cover for the show, so its a great opportunity to come and enjoy tender Sonoran beef and a taste of authentic Mexico.
This Bucerias restaurant Sonora a la Parrilla is a new Bucerias restaurant with a large lovely garden patio setting. They have their own butcher shop right at the restaurant and cut your choice of Marinated Arrachera, New York, Top Sirloin, Rib Eye, Beef or pork ribs, Prime Rib, T Bone, Porter House and  Vacio (Imported Angus). They also have chicken and shrimp cuisine, all cooked to perfection!  You can choose any of these cuts of beef and recieve an 8.8 oz. portion for only 99 pesos….now, that’s only $8 dollars U.S.! The meals are served with hand made tortillas, charro beans and three salsas.

You can’t find a better price for delicious tender Sonoran beef anywhere else on the Riviera Nayarit!
Of course this Bucerias restaurant also has a full bar to accompany your meal.

A Mexican Folklore Dancing Fiesta History

Mexican Folklore Dancing is an authentic Mexican dance expression that displays the colorful heritage of the beautiful country of Mexico. It is influenced by the complex history of Mexico, from the Spanish Colonial Period, the Mexican War if Independence and the 1910 Mexican Revolution.  It also has a unique mix of the Mexican Indian indigenous cultures in Mexico.
When you put it all together, it is now developed into an amazing beautiful dance with beautiful colorful costumes. The dancing itself portrays stories of the struggles and joys of Mexican life, their religious and cultural beliefs and the other festivals that they hold every year.The orgin of the Mexican Folklore dancing came from the Mesoamerican days, when the dancing was performed to appease the gods of the Mayas and the Aztecs. When the Spanish came to Mexico in the 16th Century, they brought the European style of dance like ballet, polka, waltzing and schottische, which heavily influenced the indigenous dancing.
Other conquests allowed the German, French, Italian and Spanish dances to mingle with the original Mexican folk dancing and out of that came three forms of Mexican folk dance.The first one is ‘Danza’, which is an indigenous ritual dance usually performed in religious and community settings.
The second is ‘Mestizo’, where the western influence came into play in the steps and the theme.
Then the ‘Bales Regionales’ or the regional dances are a dance form by each community. This dance is usually done in community and theatrical performances. Each state and region in Mexico  presents the Mexican dance form in a style that reflects its own unique customs and traditions.
Every Mexican community loves to celebrate life with dancing and parties. They love life, and expressing life with dance.
Come on down to the Bucerias restaurant Sonora a la Parrilla on your Bucerias vacation on the Riviera Nayarit  for a delicious steak cut just the way you choose,  a traditional Mexican Folklore Dance on January 20, and enjoy the show while you dine. After all, you are in Mexico!
Sonora a la Parrilla also has live music every week, so check out the Bucerias calender for more details.

Enjoy the Bucerias restaurant Sonora a la Parrilla for great Sonoran beef,
relocate to the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico for life!




Best Bucerias Restaurants New Year’s Celebrations

Here ere are a few of the best Bucerias restaurants with their menus to celebrate the new year in style on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. These amazing Bucerias restaurants are all very different, with varied menus and music, each celebrating and bringing in the New Year 2013.  Steaks, lobster…shrimp, and surf and turfs of all kinds… amazing dishes to tantalize your taste-buds along with dancing, partying and celebrating into the new year.
There are many Bucerias restaurants, but we feel that these are the Best Bucerias Restaurants! Click on the links for more information.
See which Bucerias restaurants suits your taste and Riviera Nayarit style!

Best Bucerias Restaurants New Years Eve Party’s!

Los Arroyos Verdes New Year Celebration

A la Parrilla New Year’s Eve Celebration 

Choice of Entree:
$349 Package

Surf & Turf Shrimp with Rib Eye Roll
Brochetas (Kebabs) with Arrachera

BBQ Pork Ribs Chicago Style
Shrimp Pan Fried

Your dinner includes salad and one of the following: 

Grilled Potatoes, Corn on the Cob or Sauteed Mushrooms.
Includes one of the following:
Beer, Wine, or Mixed Drink.
Includes Dessert:
Your choice of Chocolate Cake or Cheese Cake
Music by Brian Savage Starts at 6PM
. Bryan Savage will be bringing in the 2013 New Year in Style.
Make your reservations today! 329-298-1337

Mark’s Bar & Grill
This casually elegant Bucerias landmark opened in 1992, and was the first restaurant on the street. Chef Jan Benton is clearly passionate about food, receiving acclaim from both patrons and the media for her elegant menu. Unmatched ambiance, great service and overall food excellence define Mark’s, and this New Year’s Eve celebration will be an occasion to remember.
Chef Jan Benton really has a way celebrating the flavor of foods as each ingredient blends, yet speaks for itself.

New Year’s Eve Dinner and Entertainment

LiveA great night of dancing! music and midnight celebrations will continue well into the New Year as we party with your friends and family!

Experience the freshest seafood and organic meats prepared impeccably creating an evening of memories. Imagine! Your evening of food, wine and entertainment will feature incredible culinary offerings:

New Year’s Eve Menu and 2013 Celebration

First course- Select From
Poached Salmon Rillette Crostini with Capers and Dill
Marinated Natural Venison Carpaccio with Rosemary and Porcini-Truffle Oil
Brúlée Duck Pate, Cranberry-Mango with Pomegranate Reduction
Lobster Tuna Rolls with Tuna Tartare, Avocado and Sesame Soy Vinaigrette
Lobster Pumpkin Bisque with Lobster Flan and Caviar Garnish
Roasted Asparagus with Grilled Polenta, Hollandaise sauce and Balsamic Glaze
Roasted Quail stuffed with Foie Gras & Mushrooms, Spanish Fig Sauce & Apple Relish

Main Course-Select From

Sea Bass filled with Shrimp, Avocado, oven dried Tomatoes, with Shrimp stuffed Squash Blossom, Cilantro infused Risotto & Seafood Saffron Sauce
House made Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi with Butter Poached Lobster Tail,
Organic Spinach, Arugula, Roasted Lobster Mascarpone Sauce & Parmesan Tule
US Standing Prime Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding, French Green Beans with Oyster Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce
Herb crusted N.Z. Rack of Lamb with Cardamom Spiced Lamb Raviolis, Mint Tapenade, Julianne Vegetables and Rosemary Lamb Sauce

Dessert- Select From
Ginger Infused Créme Brúlée, Lemon Biscotti, Port infused Figs Macadamia Crusted Kahlua cheesecake, with Shaved Chocolate
Belgium Chocolate Mousse on individual Pavlova (Meringue) with Cherry Compote Flaky Pastry Napoleons, Layered with Mascarpone Cream,
Port infused Cinnamon Apples, Cranberries and Raisins, served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Early seating 5pm- 7.30pm 750 pesos (60 usd)
Late seating 8.45pm $1115 (90 usd) – dancing to Live Music Trio

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone from Mark’s!

Breakers Beach Bar and Restaurant

Happy New Year’s Party 2013

Time: 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Price: $800 pesos per person

Come out and celebrate the New Year at Breakers Bar on the beach.
We are offering a full 3 course dinner with:

Your choice of either:
Lobster or Prime rib,
Side Dishes


All house national drinks, beer and house wine are included on your ticket, as well as the tip!

Our fantastic band, What´s Up, will be performing hits from the 60´s, 70´s and  80´s while you dance the night away on the sand. Enjoy champagne at midnight, party favors and a great view of the fireworks around the bay!

Tickets must be purchased in advance at Breakers or by
emailing cmaruk@hotmail.com
Happy New Year’s from Breakers Bar!

Discover which of the Best Bucerias restaurants meets your fancy for bringing in the New Year!
It will be hard to decide which Bucerias restaurant to make your reservation with!

Come to Bucerias to celebrate the New Year in delicious Bucerias restaurants along
the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.


Los Arroyos Verdes, Bucerias
Rental Retreat in Mexico

When looking for a Bucerias Rental, whether it is a Bucerias vacation rental, or a Bucerias long term rental,  you will want to consider Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat, located on the incredible Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.
When you walk into the beautiful green grounds of Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat, it is like walking into a land of wind, green, comfort, art and life, where you can think of a wonderful garden, silence, trees, water and all that nature can offer you.

Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat Bucerias Rental are a green space, dedicated to caring for the planet, ensuring that your holidays are full of energy, peace, and green. They have several types of  bucerias rentals, like suites and casitas, lofts, one bedroom rental,  two bedroom rental,  all condo style living all with private patios filled with green plant life. Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat also has an RV Park with a large area for relaxing with tree swings, hammocks and BBQ surrounded by lush gardens.

All Bucerias Rental houses at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat are equipped with air conditioners, large flat televisions, and fully stocked complete kitchens and luxury furniture.  If something is not in your house, they we be happy provide the impossible. Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat also offers RVs for a rental, with their own private up-scaled spaces.

Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat has ample parking spaces, and surveillance. The elements that were used to build this beautiful space are all related to land, stone, brick, metal, cement, earth, and wood. The pool area is pleasantly amazing, located off of the restaurant, with a fun island in the middle for relaxing, along with plenty of lounge chairs and tables with performances by local musicians every Sunday.
Other amenities include a large workout gym, spa, Bodega, large laundry facility, RV Park and Tienda (store) and 4 km of walking areas. All of these Bucerias rentals including the RV Park are welcome use all off the amenities.
Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat is also the perfect setting for aBucerias Retreat Wedding, or any fun occasion, with plenty of  Bucerias rental deluxe living  for all of your family and friends.

Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat is a place of comfort and peace, far enough away from the bustle of town, yet only 5 minutes from Bucerias Centro and the Bucerias beaches.

Come and visit Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat, and spend a day, walk through the gardens, admire the colors of the bougainvillea, the sounds of the birds, and the breezes from the sea and perhaps already convinced of the peace, you will want to spend a week, a month or a year. They adapt to your space and time.

Luxury living at this  Bucerias Rental Retreat with affordable pricing. Spend a night full of perfumes, mumbles, and green. Stay at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat, a beautiful Bucerias rental location, and notice the difference a green space can make.

Discover the Bucerias Rental Los Arroyos Verdes for a green Riviera Nayarit vacation,
Move to Mexico for Life!


New Bucerias Artist, Bucerias Art in Mexico

There is a new Bucerias art gallery, and Bucerias artist, Michael Carlyle, as he and his wife Floydilou have opened the new Bucerais art gallery, “The Drop in Art Studio & Galeria“, showing local Bucerias art,  located on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.
Here is a story in the words of the lovely Floydilou, (and yes, that is her real name!) telling their story of their journey to Bucerias Mexico.
Be sure to click on the links, and the photos, as they will lead you to the photo gallery!

Living on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico
We are thrilled to announce the opening of The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit. Michael and I have been looking forward to the time we could come live in Mexico.  Have you ever considered living or moving abroad? Perhaps you have that Riviera Nayarit artist inside of you and are ready to come out to play?

When  I first arrived on a one way ticket to Bucerias in August,  Michael was back in Toronto on a contract job at the Royal Ontario Museum.  He has always supported me in my dreams.  I was on a mission to find a way for both my husband, Michael Carlyle,  and I to live and work in Bucerias, Nayarit.  We are not of retirement age.  Michael is an incredible artist and teacher.  I am a small business marketing muse whose mission is to help small business owners thrive in their communities.  With the advent of internet, Skype, social media. I believe there is a whole generation of people who understand  we are a border-less, global community with ample opportunities allowing us to explore and discover a new way of life.

Bucerias Mexico won our hearts. Michael’s love of the kind people here, the ocean encompassed by mountains, year long sun and the Bucerias art community made it a perfect fit. Michael grew up in Victoria and lived near the Royal British Columbia Museum. As a young boy he always frequented the museums. He loved to draw.  In his adult life he would take on a 20 year career at the Royal Ontario Museum   It is evident that Michael has always surrounded himself with art and he  has also collected 100′s of hard covered art books.  If he doesn’t have an easel or paintbrush in his hand, you will often see him reading biographies of famous artists from Maynard Dixon to Alfred Sisley. He is an avid student of art and evolving his art.
He attributes his success to his mentors and now friends (Tanyss & Harvey) of The Art Academy of Canada.
We are two people simply taking a step. A motto I live by is not to a life with woulda, coulda, shoulda. As Canadians we are blessed to have the freedom to go after our wildest dreams.

Opening the Bucerias Art Studio & Galeria
Michael, an artist of 20 + years and I, an entrepreneur and traveling opportunist decided this year to make a go of it and be here full time. With Michael’s talent and teaching background and with my creative entrepreneurial ways we opened The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria on Lazaro Cardenas next to The Jan Marie Boutique. The Bucerias Art Studio on the second level, provides a venue for local and vacationing artists to gather, learn and create their work without the high cost and long term commitment of renting a commercial location.  Tuesday and Thursdays mornings Michael is onsite to provide artists constructive guidance and instruction. The rest of the week is open studio time to meet the demand of the growing Bucerias art community. Artists pay a 200 pesos daily fee to use the studio and work alongside like-minded artists. For better value you can take advantage of our monthly or seasonal rates.  We have people from all over the world for this Bucerias art experience and utilizing our open studio space. You may be painting next to someone from Paris or Oregon!  Taking beginner up to advanced Bucerias art classes at the studio is enjoyable as the space is open air, light and bright. He advocates painting from life thus teaches with real objects and people. You will catch the ocean breeze and have a view of the many tourists curiously looking up at the studio while walking down the main street Lazaro Cardenas .  While not in studio, Michael is most passionate about painting landscapes and offers plein air art workshops in Bucerias for both vacationers and locals.
Michael usually seen wearing a polo shirt, rolled up jeans with converse sneakers (or sandals when living in Bucerias) is casual by nature and intense with art. Michael has been commissioned internationally for his portrait work and has sold still life and landscapes at D&E Lake Galleries in Toronto, Mudpuppy in Windsor, Artcite in Windsor and most recently in Bucerias at The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria. You can commission work by him, take a Bucerias art class, or purchase one of his paintings now on exhibit at The Art Bucerias Gallery. You can find him on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/michaelcarlyleartwork

The Bucerias Art Galeria on the lower level has open art exhibits on a rotational 3 week period for local artists to show their work. Every week their art is seen by 100′s of tourists who enjoy The Bucerias Art Walk on Thursday evenings at 7pm. The hours for the Bucerias galleria is Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm.  Currently on exhibit are over 20 original pieces of art under 400 pesos ($30), perfect for a meaningful and thoughtful souvenir gift, holiday gift or host gift. Michael and I would love to meet you. Come by and say ‘hola!’.


Floydilou is known for her ‘laptop lifestyle’. Always learning and showing local-preneurs how to step into the spotlight with a showstopper business that brings them stand out in the community. She offers marketing workshops that helps you to blend both online and offline marketing concepts.
Most of her consulting and coaching work is done online via phone or skype. Check out www.floydilou.com !

Visit the Bucerias Galleries and Bucerias art on the Riviera Nayarit, relocate to Bucerias Mexico for life!


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