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There is a lovely although melancholy legend tied to this beach town:  A young woman says good-bye to her fiancé, a naval officer in the Spanish navy, leaving the port on a naval tour, kissing her and promising to return soon.  Every day, she goes to the beach, waiting for him.  Days turn into months, and months turn into years, but each day, she awaits the return of her long lost love.  The years pass with no word of his return, and eventually she dies of heartbreak.

This legend is tied to the town’s history, since San Blas was once an influential Spanish naval base.  Established in 1978 and continuing for nearly 20 years, this base was one of the most influential ports and shipbuilding centers on the Pacific coast, matching that of Acapulco, and became regional headquarters for the Spanish navy.  Historical events that have occurred here include the Spanish conquest, Mexico’s fight for independence, and pirate invasions.

Located in the Riviera Nayarit on the Pacific coast, San Blas is 38 miles (61 kilometers) northwest of Nayarit’s state capital, Tepic.  Known for its beautiful gold beaches and tranquil ocean water, it has a moderate tropical climate with comfortable year-round temperatures of 72º F (22º C).

Although this beach town has a rich history, it is also surrounded by breathtaking scenery such as lowland tropical forests and estuaries flourishing with over 300 bird species.  As a result of the area’s abundant bird population, the nearby town of Singaita hosts the annual International Migratory Bird Festival each January.

Nearby La Tovara Park is a protected nature reserve with endangered mangroves and winding waterways that can only be viewed by boat.  Boat tours are offered through the channels and to a freshwater spring where tourists and locals can swim.

The neighboring town of Matanchen is home to a famous beach known for its excellent surf conditions, having been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest surfed wave in the world.

Although just a small authentic Mexican town, San Blas is still a great vacation spot, offering plenty of modern tourism services and conveniences.

Stay tuned… more to come about San Blas!

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