Its TeriYaki Time in Rincon de Guayabitos

Rincon de Guayabitos is a small town on the Riviera Nayarit about fifteen minutes north of Lo de Marcos, or a half hour north of Sayulita on Hwy 200 in Mexico. Its a fun town with shopping, restaurants, and has an abundance of rentals for long term or for your Mexico vacation.

Behind the Oxxo and right next to the Fitness Pad, just down the walk from the main street is a fun restaurant called TeriYaki Time.  One of the nice things that I liked about this restaurant is that it has indoor and outdoor seating.
When I arrived the sun had just gone down, and the TeriYaki Time Restaurant offered  a lovely sunset view. TeriYaki Time offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has just reopened their doors as of last Sunday for the Winter season.

What’s for Dinner?

I was meeting friends for dinner, and was a few minutes early. This is a family owned and operated restaurant, like most businesses in Mexico, and it was fun to meet them. Mike and Wendy Kurtz, whom I had met earlier in the week, and Alex Cuevas with his son Jorge are the owners of TeriYaki Time, and Alex was the chef for this evening, with Jorge doing prep chef work and waiting tables.

My friends showed up and we all sat down and ordered something to drink. They have beer and wine, and a variety of juices and Thai iced tea, sodas and bottled water. We choose white wine and beer.


A Delicious Meal

We decided to order three different dinners off of the menu so we could all share and get to taste everything. It is always so much fun to share food! And, what a culinary delight it was! Everything was so delicious, and it had been quite a while since I had eaten any Asian food, living here in Mexico all summer, and I was hungry and ready for some soba pan fried noodles.  We ordered their signature entree Teriyaki with chicken, Yakisoba  with shrimp, which was my favorite, and the T.T. fried rice with tofu. which was firm and cooked to perfection.

Good Energy in the Kitchen

It was fun to watch Alex in the kitchen preparing the food and cooking at the stove. He is a very happy sort of fellow, with a big smile. I knew that a lot of good energy was being put into our food, which is important to me. Every meal created here is made fresh to order.  When Jorge brought out the food, it really looked great, and the aroma made my mouth water with anticipation. We ordered another round of drinks, and toasted to good friends and good food. All three dishes were exceptional, and the portions were large. You can see more photos in picture gallery to check out their menus, which are in English and Spanish. I like that, as I am still learning my Spanish!

With our appetites fully sated and our stomachs very full, we gave thanks for the great meal and wonderful hosts. TeriYaki Time is in the perfect location because it’s not right on the main street, so you do not have all of the noise or the car exhaust while eating, yet the walkway leads to the main street  where the fun shopping is, and that is what we decided to do after dinner. It was a very fun evening, and I will be dining at the TeriYaki restaurnat again soon.


So, if you are ready for something Asian and wonderful to eat, try this delightful restaurant in Rincon de Guayabitos on the Riviera Nayarit on your next Mexico vacation.


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