Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay Eyelash Extensions for a more beautiful you

Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay is the newest Banderas Bay Eyelash Extension Studio centrally located in the beautiful beach town of Bucerias, on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.  Whip Lashed is easily accessible to the people of Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita and Punta de Mita.

Although Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay Eyelash Extensions is a new local business, owner and Lash Artist, Mindy Colliss is not new to lashing. She is Canadian trained and the former owner of Dragon’s Fly Lashes in British Columbia, Canada.   Mindy decided to trade in her winter boots for flip flops and is excited to now be offering her eyelash services here in Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit.

Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay offers Classic, Volume and Russian Volume lashes in various styles to fit your lifestyle, eye shape and desires. For those not ready for eyelash extensions, Eyelash Perms are also offered.  Eyelash extensions are very different from false eyelashes or what most people know as fake eyelashes. The quality of each individual lash really makes the difference as well as the professionalism, training and experience like Mindy has received.

Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay uses only the highest quality Canadian products, including the safest, lowest chemical glues on the market. This glue along with beautiful, soft lash extensions are suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. The safety of your eyes and your natural lashes are top priority at all times.

On the Riviera Nayarit or Banderas Bay Eyelash Extensions are perfect for life in Mexico. Whether you are a local, an expat, on a destination wedding or simply on vacation. Swim, surf, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and have no worries of mascara. Wake up gorgeous every morning!

Due to our natural eyelash shedding process, Mindy recommends an eyelash fill every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your Banderas Bay eyelash extensions and lashes looking full and beautiful. For more information or contact via private message please visit the Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/whiplashedinbanderasbay/ or call Mindy directly in Mexico at: 52-322-270-3444.

Book an appointment with Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay eyelash extensions create ease in being the beautiful you.

Whip Lashed in Banderas Bay Eyelash Extensions on the Riviera Nayarit in Bucerias Mexico


First Annual Ocean Fest at B Nayar, Bucerias

The First Annual Ocean Fest will be held on July 26th at B Nayar Village Resort in Bucerias from 2-8pm, and this fun event certainly is attracting a lot of attention! The Mission of the Ocean Fest is to celebrate the ocean and collaborate on how to protect the beautiful Banderas Bay.
The Banderas Bay is a lot larger than folks realize.  Bahia Banderas Bay is the largest natural bay in Mexico, among the 10th largest worldwide, and one of the deepest bays in the world reaching depths of over 3,000 feet.  Extending across 68 kilometers (42 miles) of the Pacific Coast, the bay begins in the south at Puerto Vallarta, flows northwest into the Riviera Nayarit at Punta de Mita, then the open ocean water continues north beyond Sayulita and through Lo de Marcos  to Guayabitos and La Penita where the Bahia Jaltemba Bay resides. Our beautiful bay attracts a huge variety of wild life, including the Humpback whale, Manta Rays, turtles, dolphins, a huge variety of birds and so much more in and out of the water. Becoming more informed on how to protect our bay and everything that survives in and around the bay is important.
Did you know that the oceans flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet, holding 97% of the planets water? Clean water is vital for our Mother Earth and all the life it supports. Also, our oceans produce more than half of the oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere and absorb most of the carbon from it. No matter where we live – each of us affects the ocean and is affected by the ocean.

Jacques Cousteau
It was Jacques Cousteau who was responsible for appealing to the Mexican government back in the 1960’s to preserve Islas Marietas as a national park to protect its delicate Eco-system.  The Cousteau Society is an official sponsor of Nayarit Ocean Fest. Francine Cousteau says:
“It is always good to hear about people and communities dedicated to spreading awareness of ocean conservation. We appreciate your desire to share the work of the Cousteau Society, and to help spread Captain Cousteau’s message of preservation and education to the Bay of Banderas.” 

It’s time to put mother nature first and learn how we can protect our beautiful environment before it’s too late, like so many other polluted and fished out areas on the planet. This is why the Ocean Fest is a win-win-win project. Become more informed on how we can help conserve our oceans and have a lot of fun while your at it, AND the proceeds go to a very good cause!

A Non Profit Event
This fun summer Non Profit event is a win-win project with all of the proceeds going to an education fund for La Cruz with Fundacion Punta de Mita, which is a community development foundation covering the Bay. You can check them out at http://fundacionpuntademita.org/en/. Thank you for all you do! 

Co-hosts Surf Mexico raises the level on the fun meter with the first Nayarit SUP Polo State Championship Competitions. This alone is bringing in people from all over the bay; Sayulita is bringing the Sayulita Jr. SUP Team! The beautiful surroundings of beachfront B Nayar Village Resort makes the perfect location for this event. This is super fun for the entire family!
DJ NIco will be spinning your favorite songs.  There will be several booths on the playa with Surf Mexico, Neopolitan Brick Oven Pizza, Divine Mermaid, and E Sun Energy, and Pita Hache is going to give an Ocean Conservation Talk. There is going to be beach yoga, art for kids, educational exhibitions, more great local food,  and sand sculptures. Prana Colectivo is going entertain us with a Huichol performance. Super fun water activities; SUP Polo (great for kids too!) , Starship Racing, Sprint Racing. If you would like to learn how to SUP now is your chance to learn from one of the very best SUP guys around, David Jianu. Why not?

John Pounder (JL Ditigal Media) is the photographer for the special event. Look up in the sky for the Sky Cam! I can’t wait to see the photos. You will also be able to view them all on his site and order the ones you love with all of the action! THANKS JOHN!  I will be keeping you posted. You may also visit our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/allrivieranayaritfun/ and give us a LIKE if you like! :D

Get Your Tickets!
B Nayar Village Resort has several large pools to enjoy, loungers and umbrellas; plenty of space and fun for the entire family. Children will absolutely need to be supervised in the pools. Tickets are only 100 pesos for adults and 50 pesos per child.
Tickets can be purchased at: Gecko Car Rental, Bucerias, B Nayar Village Resort Discovery Centre, Catrina at the Marina Riviera Nayarit, Aequilibrium Bikes, Versailes, in Puerto Vallarta, Timothy Real Estate Group Puerto Vallarta, and Revolucion del Sueno in Sayulita. So get your tickets now!

Thank You Penny Isabel
Penny Isabel is the founder of the “Ocean Fest” and was inspired with the idea from “World Ocean’s Day”, which was held on June 8th. The date for next years Ocean Fest will be held closer to the World Ocean’s Day date. Penny is also available to show you around B Nayar Village Resort and explain all of the projects and what is for sale. It’s nice to have Penny Isabel and Wayne Soroka from the Timothy Real Estate Group at B Nayar bringing in a fresh new energy. 

PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST...If your looking for someone you can trust in the real estate business it’s these two wonderful people. I met both Penny and Wayne when renting their home to them, and have also had the wonderful opportunity to know them on a personal level, (This is a photo when we went Beer Tasting at the Black Forest Restaurant in La Cruz.) as well as a business / professional level. These two people are folks with high integrity that you can trust.  Thanks so much Penny and Wayne for all that you do to support our bay and community. Penny, your one amazing gal! For any other questions on the Ocean Fest, or to set an appointment for a B Nayar Village Resort showing please email Penny at:  penny@timothyrealestategroup.com .

Enjoy the 1st Annual Ocean Fest at B Nayar Village Resort in Bucerias and learn how you can help restore and protect the amazing Bahia Banderas Bay on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.


North Banderas Bay Semana Santa FUN!

Everyone on the North Banderas Bay / Riviera Nayarit area is shifting into the “end of the season” energy as we head into the last week of Semana Santa. Semana Santa does take its toll in the pueblos and beaches and folks are in clean-up gear already! Lend a helping hand if you can. The government knows how many people come to the playa. WHY they don’t provide more trash cans is beyond me! One thing I have noticed is that there are not any firecrackers / M80’s going off this year, which is a huge change as usually they go off for all occasions. The La Cruz Playa La Manzanilla is in full swing! (gracias John Pounder) This is the last weekend and it’s all over!

The end of the season is more realized for me with the “EMPTY THE FRIDGES PARTY” which is the last night of business for the season at Luna Lounge. Their party will be on Monday, April 4th, as they serve up what I think is the BEST BBQ around, beginning at 6:30 until all of their food has run out.  All you can eat Arrachera Steak, Garlic and Cilantro Chicken, BBQ Ribs and Spanish Chorizo, and the delicious homemade salads that Simon makes, all for only 195 pesos; along with drink specials and live music. And, as usual…you KNOW they will have some special surprise guests! No reservations necessary…just come on down to the Luna Lounge, AV. Mexico #27, Kitty-corner from Esquina 22 Bar and Lounge who is also moving to a lighter schedule, but will be remaining open for the summer season. YEAAA! They have AC! Beginning March 27th until October 1st they will be closed on Sundays. Right now live music abounds on Wednesday and Thursdays, and also on every week day they have a bar special from 3-11pm for only 30 pesos. I am fortunate to be friends with Alain and Arturo, and it was their 17th Anniversary together last week! Alain surprised Arturo with a full on Mariachi Band, much to Aruturo’s delight! What a fun celebration of love!  I also stopped by Esquina 22 the other night after a day hike with friends at the Alta Vista Petroglyphs; one of my favorite jungle hikes. The “keepers” of the trails have been doing an excellent job of keeping it very clean of trash and foliage. The traffic was very backed up on the way home due to an accident in La Penita, as the 200 road is still only a 2 lane hwy. So, we took the back roads towards the hot pots..what an adventure! Ready for refreshments, stopping in at Esquina was perfect afterwards for their 2×1 happy hour…The margaritas are EXCELLENT!..Along with that Cheese Burger! yumm
MORE New News around the North Banderas Bay….
I read that a paramedic of Proteccion Civil Nayarit used the only Epipen they have (donated several months ago) at the Bucerias beach for a fellow who had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. The paramedics would appreciate any donations of medical supplies, like Epipens, as they have no funds to buy them. Please email sokitx@aol.com for assistance to get the supplies to them.
Breakers Beach Club in Bucerias still has live music going on as well.  Enlace Trio is performing on the beach every Monday from 4-7, and Wednesday nights are Adrianna and the “Whats Up” band performing from 6-9. They also have “3 to Rock” on Sundays from 3-6. FUN ON THE BUCERIAS PLAYA!! Their cook “Christian” this season is also rockin’ it in the kitchen! Check out the whole Red Snapper…delicious!
Music abounds …and on my journey I met my friend Jess for dinner at Falconi’s Pizza in La Cruz, where R&R (Randy and Russell) Hardly Strictly Blues band happened to be playing! The place was packed except for one table as if it was just waiting for us! R&RHSB band features Randy Wilson on vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, Russell Cresto on vocals and harmonica and guest Dave Kimes on lead guitar. I must say I thought not having a drummer was great for a small venue; the music sounded great and you could still have a conversation. Falconi’s Pizza has some of the BEST Alfredo pasta around, which is what I ordered, along with a fresh green salad; Very nice! My friend ordered the Calzone..which was muy grande!..all so delicious. I really LOVE their pizza sauce and dough; all with good pricing.  It’s fun to share and so we did. They also offer a full bar.  The R&R Hardly Strictly Blues band will be playing again (with Dave) this Saturday, April 2nd, beginning at 6:30, and probably for a couple more Saturdays after that, so get in there and enjoy! Randy Wilson is an amazing musician and will also be playing solo acoustic guitar on Philo’s on March 30th and April 13th.  What FUN music and delicious food in La Cruz with my good friend Jess! Falconi’s Pizza is located on Sierra Ave between Delfin and Pez Vela in La Cruz.
Amanditas Bay Curry in Bucerias had such a successful event when Raoul and Jimmy Shiva came to play Kirtan music that Amanda has invited them back for more! Enjoy a delicious Indian fest and the inspirational music of Raoul and Jimmy Shiva. 100 pesos cover, music starts at 7pm. Call 322 889 6030 for more information or to make a reservation. They are located on the east lateral just south of the Sandander Bank; Heroe de Nacorzari 120.
I LOVE HER CURRY!!! And have definitely caught the “Curry Craze!”

Black Forest Restaurant in La Cruz will be ending their lunches for the summers and will be open again from Sunday through Friday from 5 pm to 10 pm.  Saturdays is their time to relax! Opening for lunch was a new thing for them this season and they thank everyone for coming in. The Blond Gypsies with Latcho and Andrea will be playing April 1st and reservations are definitely recommended!
Join in on the campaign to reduce waste! This is sooo awesome!
For years the folks at the Black Forest Restaurant have used the polystyrene food containers for their guests who like to take out their food or part of it. Unfortunately, all plastics have polystyrene which is non-biodegradable. This means that “the remnants of your takeout will be chilling on planet Earth for up to 500 years from now and its chemical components will still clog the eco-system. Polystyrene’s bulky eternity accounts for one-quarter of our landfill waste.” This plastic also ends up in our oceans polluting the environment there. Andrea continues to state, “As business owners, parents and citizens of our beautiful Bahía de Banderas we would like to be socially and environmentally responsible and therefore we would like to ask you to join us in our campaign.” So take note everyone! Our choices are very powerful and every choice counts. Say no to unnecessary packaging where ever you shop! The Black Forest folks would ask that you “Bring your own reusable’s (BYOR). You can bring your own containers or your own bag. We can provide you with reusable, microwaveable containers for an additional fee of 10 Pesos. Enjoy your food, save your money, improve your health and help our planet!” Why not do this everywhere you go? Bring your own “to go” containers. REUSE, RENEW, RECYCLE, REDUCE and RESPECT OUR PLANET! Together we can RAISE AWARENESS and create big changes in the waste we create on a daily basis. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
Follow the Route of the Mezcal
Another fun event coming our way! Several restaurants around the Banderas Bay are excited and proud to introduce you to the traditional Mexican beverage by celebrating with the “Semana del Mezcal” from April 15th to April 27th. Each day a different restaurant will offer a 3 course menu which will include a paring of Mezcal for each course. During your enjoyment the “Master Mexcalier, Esteban Serrano” will explain the different types of Mezcal, the distillation process and answer any questions you may have. You may enjoy the “Semana del Mezcal” at the Black Forest Restaurant in La Cruz on Thursday, April 21st, beginning at 6:30pm. The price per person is 399 pesos. Get your tickets while they last!

Thanks for tuning in ..and always if you have any questions please email me at Cat@RivieraNayaritFun.com or Cat@NewEnergyConscioiusness.com . Check out the calendars on allLaCruz.com and allBucerias.com and our Riviera Nayarit Fun FB page for the latest changes and fun events and fundraisers.  As a final note..remember your thought creates! Just like a baking a cake..watch the ingredients that go into your creating! MORE on that LATER! What ever you end up doing, please HAVE FUN on the North Banderas Bay on the Riviera Nayarit! AHO!

Fun abounds on the North Banderas Bay on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!  


Dog Rescue Adoption Program Needs YOU!

The dog rescue folks at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” need your help! Hey everybody, Cat Morgan here with RivieraNayaritFun.com Regional Network, and I am currently helping to house the dogs who have found homes in Canada and are waiting for their flights. Anything you can do to help the dog rescue animals is greatly appreciated. I know we also have a lot of street,  homeless, and shelter dogs also looking for forever homes right here around the Banderas Bay and the Riviera Nayarit area.
However, ALL of Mexico’s street dogs really do need a helping hand,. Here is information from Sue Mazur, who is the director of the “Mexican Mutt Mission” in Lake Chapala. She and the gang in Lake Chapala are doing amazing work in coordination with Amber Fox with “Funds for Pets” in Canada to get these dogs to Canada to their forever homes. Thank you for taking your time to read, support if you can,  and spread the word!

Dog Rescue with the “Mexican Mutt Mission”

Do you love animals? Well we do! We at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” are committed to helping the dogs in the Lake Chapala area. We are partnered with a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada rescue called “Funds for Pets”. We are a group of Volunteers in the Lake Chapala and Bucerias area raising funds to fly dogs to Winnipeg that will be fostered and adopted through the “Funds for Pets Foster and Adoption Program” established by Amber Fox (Director) of Winnipeg . There is a real shortage of fosters and adopters in this area and due to economic conditions many Mexican families are unable to provide proper financial means to care for the animals! Many animals are literally starving and eating out of garbage cans. Together we are currently finding temporary foster placements in Lake Chapala for the dogs that are in Dr. Pepe’s care which have been dropped off or should we say dumped off at his clinic. Some are left in closed cardboard boxes during the night and others are dropped off and never picked up or left at the door even during the day. One owner passed away and 14 dogs were left with no one to care for them. Dr. Pepe has taken them in! The dogs are being moved from the Clinic and will stay in a temporary foster home in the Lake Chapala area while they wait for their flights to Canada. Living in a small pen or a crate for 24 hours a day while they await a foster or adopter is no life for ANY animal!

Now you ask..how can I help the dog rescue project?

1) We are offering a sponsorship program for the dogs!  Please consider donating towards the cost to fly a dog to Canada with Westjet Airlines!  The dogs can be flown in cargo very safely and if you know of someone from Manitoba who will be traveling back from the Puerto Vallarta area to Winnipeg and they would be willing to provide transport for a dog on their Westjet ticket……we will pay for the dog’s ticket and look after all the paperwork required! Having a dog transported on a passenger ticket defers the “fly alone cargo costs” and it’s very easy, I have done it twice!

$$$$$ donated will also go towards food costs for the dog rescue fosters in Mexico, vetting costs, transportation costs to catch their flights and overnight housing provided by Cat Morgan of Bucerias who will ensure the dogs catch their early flights!

3) Also needed are donations of dog leashes, dog collars, dog beds, warm coats and clothing for the trip to Canada, old towels or sheets for transport crates, and any size airline approved crate. We will also accept donations of dog food and TREATS!!!!!

4) If you are able to temporarily foster a dog or two (while they await their flight) at your house fora 2-4 week period in the Lake Chapala, Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta areas we would love to talk with you! Food is provided!!! All you need to do is open your home and your heart to a dog that deserves a chance at a good life with lots of love!

5) If you are interested in adopting one of the Lake Chapala dogs please contact Amber Fox at “Funds for Pets”. She will provide you with an adoption application and details. We welcome those living in Mexico to adopt as well as our Canadian friends!!!!

Donations can be received through our Mexican Mutt Mission Go Fund Me Page: https://www.gofundme.com/vs6mfjx4 . For contact information email the Mexican Mutt Mission Director Sue Mazur at: mexicanmuttmission@hotmail.com or Amber Fox at Funds for Pets:  www.fundsforpets.org or info@fundsforpets.org
Thanks so much from everyone at the “Mexican Mutt Mission”  in Lake Chapala!

Help the Dog Rescue folks at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” in Lake Chapala! 


Bucerias Mexico Non Profit Community News

Every Day is a blessing here in Bucerias Mexico and the Banderas Bay.  This sunset on Tuesday evening overlooking the Banderas Bay to the Marietta Islands was absolutely spectacular, again! With the Christmas holidays coming towards us quickly, Bucerias Mexico nonprofit groups are getting their groove on with fundraisers to generate presents for the kids and monies and food that will be donated to families helping to create happier holidays and life throughout the year. I will say that feeding people is one of the most important things we can do to help another human being. Food is necessary for not only physical health, but also mental health and emotional stability.

Another wayone can help when flying down from Canada; West Jet allows 1 extra suitcase per person for humanitarian aid.  What is needed right now is gently used clothing for children and adults and school supplies. There is an orphanage in Valle that was recently opened with 188 children of all sizes and ages could really use the donation of clothing. Clothing also goes to the La Fuente church and the Tercera Edad Senior Center in Bucerias. If you need a inexpensive suitcase for this try a second hand store. You can find one for around 6 bucks! And leave it in Mexcio! Please contact Sandi Nystrom who heads up the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank. Sandi  would be happy to get your donations where you would like them to go.

Children’s Christmas Program A huge fundraiser will be held at the Drunken Duck on Mon, December 8, 2pm – 6pm supporting the 21st Bucerias Children’s Christmas Program with over 1200 gifts given every year. The program also hands out generously donated candy bags to all the children. Mothers and grandmothers are also gifted with Crown Royal bags filled with hotel type soaps, shampoos and lotions. Donation: $200 Pesos plus all the raffle tickets you want to buy! Food, drinks available plus a great band. Tickets: Yo Yo Mo’s Sports Bar 40 Ave. Mexico – Bucerias Jan and Jennie Roden: 322- 222- 5101 xmasinbucerias@gmail.com Visit the little Catholic church on the arroyo (east side of Carretera 200) at 3 or 4 pm on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) to see the distribution of the gifts! You won’t believe your eyes!! I was able to participate in this event and it was incredible!  It really is truly amazing.

Another fundraiser coming up for the John Ozzello Food Bank is the 4th Annual Chili Cook Off in Bucerias on December 10th. If you think you make a great pot of chili step up to the plate and enter your chili in this contest! This year the Chili Cook Off will benefit the John Memorial Food Bank. They will be supplying the tables and chairs, cups, utensils and napkins. All you need to do is bring your best chili Wednesday, December 10th to 62 Lazaro Cardenas. Please register now at TheBuceriasChiliCookOff@gmail.com.  There will also be live music by Brit and Esteban, and adult beverages to cool down those chili flames.

The Amigos de Bucerias A.C. does a whole heck of lot for the Bucerias community, and I wanted to expand on that a bit in this article this week. The Amigos de Bucerias, A.C. is a Mexican registered civil association composed of members called “amigos” which reside mostly in Bucerias and unite to make Bucerias a good place to visit, work and live.
Their Mission Statement:
The civil association Amigos de Bucerias, A.C., is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Bucerias, in cooperation with all residents, elected and appointed officials, business leaders and visitors.”
Some of the projects they work on are the Beach Cleanup, Recycling Program, Paws and Claws, Special Needs Fund, Street Lights and also help support the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank. Other organizations they help out with are the Bucerias Children’s library, Biblioteca Rey Nayar, Human Connections, Manos de Amor (Bucerias orphanage) and the Tercera Edad Bucerias Senior Center.
The Tercera Edad Bucerias Senior Center has recently built a large chicken coop for eggs.  Here is a small excerpt from the amigos webpage written by Amigo president Ronnie Barker, “When President Cirino told us of his plans to have a hen coop, we said, sure, go ahead, thinking, aw, sweet. But he and his seniors had bigger ideas – much bigger ideas! Using the balance of monies raised from selling crafts at the market \the Mexican ladies cooking demos, they bought the materials and the seniors set to with a will – and during the heat and the humidity of the summer, that is really something. Even as they were building, they were already acquiring some stock – provided by Manny Venegas, really cute little Easter card type chicks all yellow and fluffy chirping around.” Read the rest of the article on their webpage link:
http://amigosdebucerias.org/featured/whats-happening-at-the-tercera-edad/) Since then the cute little chicks have grown up to be great egg laying hens, which means lots of eggs for people to eat!  Unfortunately, they had some issues with the last rain and lost about 60 of the now egg laying chickens due to an unfinished roof. Black plastic had been donated, but just could not hold up to the last heavy rain this November 11th. If you would like to find out how you can help the Bucerias Tercera Edad Senior Center or other projects, please contact the Amigos de Bucerias on their web site at AmigosdeBucerias.org. Their page is filled wonderful community stories, information on immigration, plates for your car and information to things that folks may need when coming to Bucerias Mexico. Cruise around and check it out. You too can become an “Amigo”. Join us at one of the monthly breakfast meetings at Ixta Restaurant every fist Saturday of the month at 9am, or send an email to amigosdebuceriasac@gmail.com  Cost for membership is 250 pesos.  Thanks for all you do Amigos!

BEACH CLEAN-UP PROJECT Riviera Nayarit and Bahia de Banderas Turismo Municipal are starting a program to clean the beaches and also have recreational fun afterwards. The Bucerias Mexico Beach Clean up begins this Saturday 29th at 8:00 am on the Bucerias Beach along the arroyo at the Kissing Bridge. We will be cleaning the playa,  and after will be having  fun with music, DJ’s , Football and Volleyball on the beach. If folks show up this could be a monthly event. You will see tables and shade tents or umbrellas set up. Hopefully this will turn into a monthly beach clean up. With the Ananda Yoga / Amigos clean up day on the second Saturday each month,  this would add to that and be very awesome! Please join in.

Adults can finish their Primary or Secondary level Literacy….
Spread the word! Tell your maids/gardeners/shop and restaurant staff – whoever …there is a new Government campaign run by INEA (Instituto Nayarita de Educacion para Adultos) – for adults to finish their primary or secondary level literacy – and it’s absolutely FREE ! 

New Events on the Bucerias Mexico Calendar  / La Cruz Mexico Calendar

There is a new Bucerias Mexico Restaurant called Esquina 22 Bar and Lounge. They are located on 22 Mexico ave. (where the Shamrock use to be.) The owners of the building, Alan and Arturo, decided to open Esquina 22 Bar and Lounge (esquina means corner) and have completely redecorated with charming, soft relaxing colors that welcome you. A casual atmosphere where you feel great in a pair of shorts or a bit more dressed up. Their claim is to be a “no frills – gastro” restaurant wher

e you can enjoy top of the line cuisine with a good pricing. As owners of the property, and operators of Esquina 22, this allows them to pass on the savings to you keeping pricing very reasonable. My friends and I stopped in to try some of their 65 peso mojito and mescal cocktail specialties and we loved them! We are looking forward to trying
out their extensive menu of twice baked potatoes and 9 oz filet mignon and tuna as well. Stay tuned for their entire page coming soon on the allBuerias.com site with their full menus and pricing.
Fun daily happy hour and food specials, along with live music on Tuesday with the Latin vibes with “ Piel Canela”, A trio of guitar music and tambores (drums) from Puerto Vallarta playing from 8-11pm. Fridays live music is with the  ”Duo Enlace Musical” from 9pm to 12am. Enjoy the beautiful music of piano and voice. They are also offering several kinds of imported beers that one does not see very often in Bucerias.  Check out their daily food specials, as well as two Happy Hour Specials of -2X1 National Drinks from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and a Bucket of 5 national beers for $100 from 9:00pm to 11:00pm. Esquina 22 are also serving a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for 199 pesos. Doors are open from 4pm – 12am.

Bucerias Mexico Celebrates Grey Cup
Annual Grey Cup Party at Breakers!
 Come out to Breakers Beach Club this Sunday, November 29th starting at 4:30 to enjoy our Annual Grey Cup Party!  We will have four TVs playing the game so you can choose to watch the game while enjoying the warm ocean breeze and beautiful ocean view.  We will have a special Grey Cup menu as well as featuring our new BBQ stuffed burgers and salad buffet for only $120 pesos. Choose between hamburgers stuffed with either bacon and cheese or mushrooms and blue cheese. We are located at #15 avenida del pacifico, two blocks north of the main square in Bucerias.  We also also serve Tim Hortans coffee and smoothies every morning  on the play at 9am. 

Bucerias Art Gallery & Studio hosts Puerto Vallarta artist, Oscar Hyle for a “Meet and Greet” Dec. 4th at 7pm during the Thursday Bucerias Art Walk. Oscar, though only 22, boasts a full resume. You will find many of his Urban Murals throughout P.V. such as ‘A Tomatlense Beach’ on Allende Street or “Windows on Vallarta” on Francisca Rodrgiguez.
“We are thrilled to have Oscar as our Featured Guest Artist” says, Floydilou, owner of the
gallery located at 60 A Lazaro Cardenas. “He is a conscientious artist continuously honing his craft in various mediums. The meet and greet will give the community here an opportunity to see what a fine young and talented man he is.”

La Cruz – Pub Britannia ..I am slipping this La Cruz info in as they have a brand new band playing the best of rock ‘n’ roll coming in on Wednesday nightswith Mike Curlette and Marty Lynch. Fun dancing music….the best of rock and roll….beginning at 7pm.  Dinner specials tonight Nov, 26th re are Creamy chicken curry 90 pesos, Shrimp burger 80 pesos and 2 small cottage pies 185…..drink specials too! Wednesday FUN at the only Castle on the Banderas Bay! See you at Pub Britannia!

Please check the allBucerias.com calendar and allLaCruz.com calendar  for the weekly entertainment, live music, specials and fundraisers.  Visit our FACEBOOK page the https://www.facebook.com/allrivieranayaritfun  for local live music and food specials. events and Bucerias Mexico non profit  fun, as well as a bit of national news and updates. Give us a Like while you’re at it!
Thanks for reading. If your looking for a fun tour, fishing boats ….and the fish are running! (catch guaranteed!), Mariettas, Altavista Petroglyphs, Boca to La Animas beach hike, or  looking for a casa rental for this season or next season, please contact me directly at Cat@RivieraNayaritFun.com . I will connect you with the very best with the lowest pricing and discounts possible! A thank you out to Ronnie for the  Tercera Edad Bucerias Seniors Center photos.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Riviera Nayarit vacation! We are so blessed to be here!
Have a super week! AHO!
Cat Morgan
Cat Morgan is owner of the RivieraNayaritFun.com Network and NewEnergyConsciousness.com .

Enjoy the fun and blessings received from supporting the Bucerias Mexico Non Profit
events on the amazing Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit. 


Bucerias Mexico Home Furnishings

& Katrina Collection

North of the river and the kissing bridge in Bucerias Mexico is where many of the  Bucerias Art Galleries are located. One of the first large and new buildings to be created back in 2008 on Lazaro Cardenas is the Jan Marie Boutique building.  Jan states, “It was an exciting time in 2008 when we designed the building to house the new Jan Marie Boutique Gallery. As it was on the busy corner across from Mark’s Bar & Grill we wanted to create an attractive building that would shine on Lazaro Cardenas and give Bucerias an elegant touch.”

Presently, in 2014, Jan Marie Boutique in Bucerias Mexico has grown into a beautiful Bucerias Home Furnishings and Antiques collector’s dream. Everything from beautiful larger pieces of home furnishings to all of the fun home accessories to create beauty and grace  in your home or Bucerias rental unit with style and an elegance.

This season in Bucerias Mexico, Jan Marie Boutique has a very nice collection of Katrina dolls and Dia di Los Muertos tableware just in time for the holiday. These will make a terrific splash on your dining room table, or a Katrina doll as a collectible gift for yourself or a friend.  They really are fun all year around!

Dia de Los Muertos and Catrina’s History

La Calavera Catrina (Dapper Skeleton, or Elegant Skull) is a 1910-1913 zinc etching by famous Mexican print maker, cartoon illustrator and Lithographer, Jose Guadalupe Posada. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time. She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolutionary era. While the original work by Posada introduced the character the popularity of the La Catrina as well as her name is derived from the work by Mexican artist Diego Rivera in his famous 1948 work sueno de una tarde dominical en la Alameda (dream of a Sunday afternoon along Central Alameda).

La Catrina has become the referential image of Death in Mexico, it is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country; she has become a motive for the creation of handcrafts made from clay or other materials, her representations may vary, as well as the hat.  In Bucerias Mexico, Jan Marie Boutique has a lovely selection of Katrina’s this season.  

Jan travels throughout Mexico  every year to shop for unique and one of a kind art pieces. The entire art selection at Jan Marie Boutique comes from Mexico artists. The Bucerias home accessories, such as beautiful colored lighting ascents, smaller sculptures (and full sized sculptures as well) hand blown glass ware and a variety of table ware, and so many other things of beauty that will make a statement in your home.

Click HERE to view more of the Jan Marie Boutique Gallery.

Discover Bucerias Mexico Home Furnishings at
Jan Marie Boutique Bucerias Art Gallery on the Banderas Bay in Mexico.



Banderas Bay & Riviera Nayarit Markets

Riviera Nayarit markets are gearing up for their opening day.  Every town around the Banderas Bay and along the Riviera Nayarit has their own Tianguis, Mercado, or farmers market; some of which run all year around, and some only during the high season.  As we move into the high season local farmers markets and tianguis’s are beginning with all kinds of goodies available! Check out all of the Riviera Nayarit markets below.

Every year local vendors and businesses come and sell their goods at the Riviera Nayarit markets which range from local grown organic fruits and vegetables, homemade yogurt and cheeses, jams, local honey, soaps and lotions, fresh cut flowers, all kinds of custom jewelry, shoes and clothes, different types of art creations and local artist displaying their paintings.  Different foods are always a bit hit, as its fun to browse about whilst eating an empanada, slice of pizza, homemade tamales, BBQ , salads, steak sandwiches hot off the grill, smoked fish and all sorts of cakes  breads and pastries and just about everything in-between. Most food vendors have a taste set out for you to sample. Okay..I’m hungry now!
Another quick note:  Seasonal Time Change is coming our way….October 26th move your clocks back one hour. In the United States, the time change does not occur until November 2nd, so mark your calendars. Also, remember when traveling along the Riviera Nayarit, the PV time changes once you pass Lo de Marcos by one hour earlier!

Kicking off the season is one of my favorite Riviera Nayarit market; the  La Cruz Sunday Mercado, which is beginning on Sunday, November 2nd, which is also the “Day of the Dead “or “Dia de los Muertos”.  The celebration begins and runs through November 3rd.  Dia de los Muertos is a highly celebrated and honored Mexican holiday, as they take the time to honor their loved ones who has passed on.  It will be fun to see the different painted skeletons, faces and sugar skulls at the Mercado. This Mercado has it ALL!  Including the best peanut vendor around, Cacahuate Carlos and amazing sandals and jewelry made by Begonia.  It’s one of the largest Riviera Nayarit markets.
The La Cruz Sunday Mercado is located at the La Cruz Marina with plenty of room to walk about amongst the 200 vendors. Listen to live music and enjoy the beautiful view of the La Cruz Marina and the bay whilst shopping. To get to the market, take the 200 road north. Not long after the Terralta light you will see the turnoff on the right heading to La Cruz.  After getting past the Oxxo’s, look for a sign saying La Cruz Marina and go left there. Go down to the last street and go left, then right to the La Cruz Marina, which is also where the La Cruz fish market is as well.  If you get to the light (the only light) you have gone too far, and will need to go back.
The fish market is open daily with the fresh catch with plenty of choices of fish mongers.   If you want to purchase fresh fish to go with all your goodies, bring a small ice chest to keep your fish cool.   Come early for a good parking space. The La Cruz Mercado,  opens at 9 and closes at 2pm.
In La Cruz you can also find the weekly La Cruz Tianguis every Wednesday all year around. They have fruit and veggies, movies, clothes, kitchen  and other items. With the same directions as above to La Cruz, go to the light and make a left down the main street. The Tianguis is just past the round-about (Glorieta.)

Bucerias Tianguis is also year around every Sunday and it is located in the dry river bed. It gets larger, as most of the year around markets  during the high season. They have everything from making keys and electronic cords for phones and computers to fresh fruits and veggies and all sorts of clothes, tools, cleaning supplies, laundry soaps, cakes and pastries and juices and elote..LOVE elote with lime and chili!….all kinds of crazy stuff at this tianguis!

The Bucerias Monday Market at the Art Walk Plaza is beginning on November 3rd.  This year Christy B. has offered the space FREE to vendors! What a wonderful thing for local people! Sometime, when vendors only sell a few items, and then they have to give that money to the organizer of the market.  Way to go Christy! The Bucerias Monday Market will have all sorts of vendors with different foods, breads, jewelry and everything in-between. Stop by the Art Walk Plaza….just down the street from Mark’s Bar and Grill and right by Flyodilou and Mikes  place, the Bucerias Art Gallery and Studio, located on the south side of the Kissing Bridge.
Let’s support the Bucerias local community!

The Bucerias Art Walk begins on Thursday, November 6th this season and is every Thursday during high season.  Enjoy walking around the north side of the kissing bridge and visit the art galleries.  Talk to the art gallery owners, like Flyodilou and her artist husband Mike at the Bucerias Art Gallery and Studio and see Mike’s new exhibit. Swing on by Jan Marie next door to Mark’s and taste a Mexican wine while you check out the amazing Talavera table

ware and hand blown glasses, a great collection of hearts and other unique items.
The larger Jan Marie Boutique across the street from Mark’s has an amazing collection of Katrina’s this season, as well as a great selection of home furnishings.  with Dia de los Muertos coming up November 2nd, (Day of the Dead) you may want to stop by and see their nice collection. An amazing boutique  filled with beautiful lighting, statues and very original art pieces.
The Art Walk Plaza, who hosts the Bucerias Art Walk has delicious tamales and Sangria. Stop in and take a look around the different artists and art located inside the plaza.

There is also a Bucerias Farmers Market on Wednesday down towards the Decameron at Rosa Mexicana Restaurant.  Its jammed packed with vendors and offers a nice variety of fresh foods, art and jewelry. The Bucerias Senior Center Tercera Edad gals will also be there selling their beautiful creations. Please help to support them!  They are getting started sometime in November.

Tianguis  Artesanal Nuevo Vallarta is a local producer´s market on Saturday from 9-2 and they open on November  8th.  ”We strive that all
our vendors are producers of what they sell. We have unique, original and inexpensive products and art pieces.” Along with all of the wonderful items at this local Nuveo Vallart market, such as Huichol Art, handmade cigars and finger painted pieces, they also have recycled art in metal and wood, glass blown pieces, watercolors, as well as an interesting collection of handmade wood furniture and fiber glass furniture as well as fiber glass sculptures!
This two year old Riviera Nayarit market is located behind the OXXO that is across from Mayan Palace´s Sea Garden (by Villa Varadero, Near the dolphin adventure of Vallarta Adventures). Coming from Bucerias, you take the 2nd entrance to Nuevo Vallarta, go straight towards Villa Varadero. You will see an OXXO before Villa Varadero. They are located at the plaza that is behind that OXXO.

Mercado del Pueblo, Sayulita’s Farmer’s begis Friday, November 7th this season. The Sayulita market is located near the entrance of town, on Calle Revolucion, just north of the main bridge with about 80 vendors who provide a wide variety of products and organic foods.  Enjoy the live music every week with the opening band” Son 3 y un Violin”, previously Dos Betos y las Musas.El Mercado del Pueblo started in 2009 and focuses on bringing local, sustainable, and organic products to the community and for the people of Sayulita and surrounding area to discover the seasonal, fresh foods of the region. The vendors at El Mercado are committed to high quality organic and natural growing practices and enjoy teaching locals and visitor alike about the benefits of healthy eating. To add to the diversity of the Mercado, local artists were added to the vendor list in 2012, making the Mercado an even more interesting experience. Although many markets have organic products, the Sayulita Mercado not only focuses on the organic culture, but also features a wonderful venue for cross cultural sharing of food preparations, growing techniques and healing practices. In partnership with the Sayulita community, this market brings local food knowledge, international cuisine, community gardening and care for the planet. Visit with friends and meet a lot of new ones…I hear there will be some surprises this season!

Lo de Marcos Tianguis is held each Saturday from November 1st to March 28th from 9:30am until
2:30pm and is a new Riviera Nayarit market this season. This new weekly market expects to draw many visitors from around the Riviera Nayarit bringing new revenue to Lo de Marcos.  A brand new market owned by Armando Contreras, and coordinated by Claudia Curtis  will support local residents, farmers and organic growers, and feature the works of over 40 talented Artisans Many of the vendors live and work along the Riviera Nayarit pueblos.

Lo de Marcos has needed a tianguis, and I am happy to see this finally happening. Lo de Marcos is located about 30 minutes north of Sayulita, (just beyond San Pancho). Take a left into Lo de Marcos and the tianguis iis down on the right…you can’t miss it!

Guayabitos tianguis has a t every Monday and located in the town square. The easiest way to get there is to take a left at the Pemex and go left. You will see the town square on the left. A small yet fun tiantuis includes all of the fun items and delicious foods at super pricing. This authentic Mexican pueblo is made for shopping!

La Penita Tianguis is one of the largest tianguis on the Riviera Nayarit, and is open all year. It sizes down during the summer months, but come high season, this tianguis becomes huge, filling the entire town square as well as a very, very long path of vendors with everything you
can think of!  To find the La Penita Tianguis, take the 200 road to La Penita. Go to the last light, (the second light after entering La Penita). You will need to get in the right lateral to make a left there. Take a left and go down the main ave. to the end. The town square is on the left.

Lets help feed people!  This Tour makes that possible…Totally Win Win!

The John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank is hosting a major fund raiser again this year to help get us through the low season. For only $650 peso, you can enjoy a day of Whale Watching as well as helping to support the local food bank. The boat will be leaving the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta at9:00am and will be returning at around 4:00pm on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY THE 4TH, 2015. Get your tiickets befoe they sell out! To purchase tickets you can call Sandi or Randy Nystrom at: cell phone 322-103-2828 or email us at: rsnystrom@hotmail.com 

Thanks for tuning in! If you’re looking for a Banderas Bay rental, tours, fishing boats or Marietta Island fun, or information around the Riviera Nayarit contact Cat at Cat@Catmorgan.me   Click on the link to LIKE our FaceBook page packed with all kinds of Mexico news and current specials and events, gracias!  Have a wonderful 2015 season everyone..and Happy Shopping!

Banderas Bay Markets and Riviera Nayarit Markets are ready for the 2015 season in Mexico!


Perfect Mexico Vacation La Cruz Beachfront Boutique Inn

If your looking for a very special Riviera Nayarit vacation, take a look at our La Cruz beachfront Boutique Inn.  As we slide into the shoulder season… no longer the high season not yet the lazy daze of summer, Villa Amor del Mar, our La Cruz beachfront Boutique Inn, is the perfect place to be. Although I can credit every month of the year with some special happening, in my opinion, from now until July (and then again in October and November) there is a special vibe about La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico, and our La Cruz Beachfront Boutique hotel. Poolside and beachfront is the place to be as many of the snowbirds have returned North, so the beaches are ready for tourists, travelers or Mexican wannabees, as you will practically have the beach to yourself! This is what one usually envisions for their Mexico vacation..peace, tranquility and beautiful beaches. (Click on the photos that link directly to our photo gallery!)

Around now, prices reflect fewer people. There are more 2 for 1 and Happy Hour specials. You can get even better deals from the vendors. Everyone has time to share their experiences, teach a little of the language, dance moves or songs or generally lend a helping hand.
Our first 2 trips to the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico were the last week of June and the first week of July. The weather is perfect with nice breezes for poolside lounging and sipping a cold one. One of our guests who visited last year during the first week of July said she loved how, with fewer folks in our music mecca of a town, she felt like she was getting a private concert everywhere she went.

This is a great time to book at our La Cruz Beachfront Boutique Inn, (which can also be considered a La Cruz Beachfront Hotel) offering the La Cruz wedding of your dreams, La Cruz retreat, reunion or other gathering as rates are a little lower and there is much more availability.
Villa Amor del Mar
has been inundated with requests for group events yet we’re getting lots of folks from closer destinations booking 3 – 5 day get-a-ways, as well as our special 7 day packages.  Sure, there are a lot of La Cruz rentals out there…however if your looking for something very special, contact us. Our La Cruz Beachfront Boutique Inn is perfect for a romantic vacation, so if reacquainting with the one you love is on the list, ask me how I can make it special!  Click on the above links for more information about our La Cruz beachfront Boutique Inn, and our phone and contact information, or you may email us directly at info@VillaAmorDelMar.com

Our La Cruz Beachfront Boutique Inn is the La Cruz rentals location on the Riviera Nayarit
for a very special Mexico Vacation!


A Unique Beachfront La Cruz Boutique Inn

We w0uld like to cordially invite you to our La Cruz Boutique Inn beachfront paradise on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, Villa Amor del Mar.
When Cat asked me to write an article about our hotelito (little hotel), our La Cruz Boutique Inn, Villa Amor del Mar and states that it must be original content a little piece of me kinda freaks out. How can I be original when I write two blogs, consistently write new ads, etc?
This week reminded me; however, of the value of being unique. At our La Cruz Boutique Inn, Villa Amor del Mar, we take great pride in serving others and creating custom packages for each visitor as per their requests. Continental breakfast is served daily in private guestrooms with Mexican, freshly roasted coffee, fruit (often from our own trees) and special requests as per each guest.

When guests book for 7 days or more they also receive one brunch by the pool and one dinner on the rooftop. An almost La Cruz all inclusive vacation package!

Preparing and sharing meals, music and laughter with others has always been a passion of mine, to combine that ‘hobby’ with running a Boutique Inn has brought me more joy than I knew possible. Over the past few weeks we’ve helped our guests enjoy; Gourmet dinners combined with Flamenco music at both Masala and The Black Forest restaurants had our guests singing the praises of both.
Fun at Philo’s is always a highlight and everyone loves the ribs! Tacos on the street and open mic at Britannia appeals to everyone. The best whale watching/sunset cruise in the Bay of Banderas, in my opinion, Red Dolphin Sailing charters delights everyone who takes this excursion.We hosted a wine and food pairing on our rooftop overlooking Banderas Bay enjoying the sunset, fireworks and the twinkly lights of Vallarta.

For more information on our ‘Introduction to La Cruz’ program, here is the info: http://innandaroundlacruz.com/introduction-to-la-cruz-promotion/ In May we’re bringing in a local Mexican chef and creating a foodie week. Consider this when you are here for your visit. http://waldentoursculinaryandwine.wordpress.com/la-cruz-culinary-experience/

We’re currently putting together a women’s week of inspiration at our La Cruz Boutique Inn called ‘Refresh’ and a La Cruz Couples Retreat where people can recommit and reconnect! Please email me at info@VillaAmorDelMar.com if this interests you and indicate what month you’d prefer. Guests have been blown away by the privacy and comfort of our La Cruz beachfront rental and La Cruz Boutique Inn, Villa Amor del Mar, along with the ease of getting around and many options for fun in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. All of our toys are also included with your stay with us. Its all up to you! The Bay of Banderas and the whales performing as guests sip their coffee in the morning is always a highlight! Enchanted by the magic our little Mexican pueblo keeps guests returning and is the reason Chris and I (Cindy) do what we do. Let us share all that is La Cruz Mexico with you.

Discover this beachfront  La Cruz Boutique Inn on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!


La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico Vacation

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico , the meaning La Cruz de Huanacaxtle means the “Cross of Huanacaxtle”.  I have heard from a long time US resident that the name was founded when lightening struck a Huanacaxtle tree, and created a cross on the tree. I have not seen this in writing anywhere as of yet, however, this is one story told around the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico.  There was also a cross make from a Huanacaxtle tree entering the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.
Tradition, as there’s no better word to describe what is now La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico.  A cross made from Huanacaxtle wood is located by the beautiful main town square in the middle of the roundabout, (the glorieta) on your way towards the main docking area at the La Cruz Marina on the Riviera Nayarit in amazing Mexico.  Click on the links and photos to lead to more fun information.

The Glorieta and the Underground Story
Now, another story emerges, and was told to Lisa Van Thillo and  Lori Wilson from La Cruz, who had the pleasure of interviewing La Cruz’ Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro recently.  This is a another very cool story, and to say that it is more confirmed than the last!  It’s about the history of the La Cruz Cross, located at the Round’ a ’bout in the center of La Cruz’s main avenida, and right next to the La Cruz Town Square. The roundabout is also known as the glorieta.  Here is her words…thanks to my amiga Lori Wilson!

“When Lisa and I (Lori Wilson)  asked Angel (La Cruz’ Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro ) if he had any interesting and/or humorous stories about life in La Cruz he told us a story about the glorieta.  About 300 years ago pirates built a dungeon in the area under the cross with a connecting tunnel that had an entrance at the old Enrique’s Restaurant. The dungeon had chains attached to the walls and to this day the remains of their prisoners can be found. Apparently only the old timers knew about this and many years ago when the streets were being built a group of young boys found the tunnel and entered. One boy, who went in farther than the others discovered the remains. Can you imagine his surprise? The boys ran home and told their parents who immediately blocked the entrance. The parents have since died, but the boys are still living in La Cruz.”

What a great story! And, I am sure that those boys told stories for a long time, probably even to this day to their children and possibly grand children. WOW!

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico and The La Cruz Marina History
This small nestled  pueblo of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico was founded in the early 1930′s by visionary individuals with the last name of Chavez, and the town of La Cruz has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Located off of the 200 road as you head towards Punta Mita, and situated off the Banderas Bay, (the largest man made bay in Mexico), this small town can be easily passed by, yet boasts of unique places such as the newly rebuilt La Cruz Marina, which has served the public for more than 5 years. The year 2008 saw a magnificent harbor renovation which now hosts colorful spots for boat lovers, and sailors that come in to doc for the winter months, making La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico one of the perfect places to spend a magnificent Riviera Nayarit vacation in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico. 
For those people with a penchant for long-term sailing the town is particularly attractive. Much of this charm can be traced to the mixture of modern facilities and the traditional way of life. It can be compared to time travel, imagined by boat lovers, due the renovated La Cruz Marina.  It is no wonder that the smells of fresh fruit, the blue sea and all its gifts have a special place in the hearts and minds of all those seeking a refreshing vacation and of course, all those who want to live the life of sailing. La Cruz Marina is a favorite among all those who have visited the place and it has a prominent size in to-do lists of all those who know about it but haven’t visited, yet. The marina can house up to a 400 foot vessel.

La Cruz Restaurants

Beautiful La Cruz Marina restaurants with amazing views of the La Cruz Marina, such as the large marina restaurant overlooking the entire marina, serve the freshest catches of the day, Due to the fact that the  La Cruz Marina offers the expansive fish market that is open 7 days a week, the freshest fish is available.
Local restaurant chefs from all over the Riviera Nayarit come and purchase fresh fish for their menus.



During the high season, the La Cruz Marina also offers the La Cruz Market every Sunday, starting  on the first Sunday in November and usually ending in mid May. Vendors from Puerto Vallarta to Lo de Marcos and some from as far as La Penita and Guayabitos come to sell their wares and fresh foods. jewelry and everything in-between! The market runs from 9-2pm.

The fascinating place of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico combines the rustic charm of old Mexico with authentic Mexican restaurants, as well as restaurants that serve up Northwestern cuisines, Asian and German delights such as The Black Forest Restaurant.

Huichol Indian Art Gallery
The Octopus’s Garden hosts  a  unique and rather grand La Cruz art gallery with an amazingly large collection of traditional and modern Huichol art. Large and smaller Yarn Paintings, beaded objects jewelry, weaving and embroidery can be found.  Its fun to discover facts about the Huichol people of Nayarit and Jalisco; one of the most expressive shamanistic tribes in the world.
Check out more  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico restaurants  here.

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico,  is home to this authentic Mexican pueblo, and others along theRiviera Nayarit. The Riviera Nayarit occupying more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) of premium coastline provides the perfect locations for the best Mexico vacation.  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico is located between Punta de Mita, to the north, and Bucerias to the south, and about 50 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport,  Check out the newest website on the Riviera Nayarit  Fun Regional Network allLaCruz.com for rentals, restaurants, petroglyph tours, fishing tours, Marietta Island tours and all of the local fun in La Cruz! You may also email Cat@RivieraNayaritFun.com for any questions you may have.

Discover the small authentic pueblo of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico
for your Riviera Nayarit vacation fun!

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