A New Bucerias Community Farmers Market

There is a new Bucerias community  farmers market in Bucerias this season on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.  It’s a bit different due to the fact all of the vendors are Mexican Nationals. The new market is called the Bucerias Monday Mexican Gourmet Market. Click on the photos to go to the photo gallery. Click on the links for more Bucerias information.
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The Bucerias Monday Mexican Market
The Bucerias Monday Mexican Market is located at the Bucerias Art Walk Plaza, which has a very convenient Bucerias community location just south of Mark’s Bar and Grill at 62 Lazaro Cardenas. They open at 9am and close about 2ish.
The Market is organized by Christy Ann Beguesse, a long time local of Bucerias. She states, “Our goal is to bring you the best in Mexican Cuisine made from the freshest ingredients in the kitchens of our Mexican neighbors. My hope is that with your support we can assist our neighbors financially and unite the community with a better understanding of the Mexican culture.”

Christy also helps support many fundraisers for food drives for the Bucerias community during the year as well, coordinating with other nonprofit organizations like the John Ozzello Food Bank, and Tercera Edad, the local Bucerias senior center, especially during the hardest month of September. This month is also called “Septhungre”, due to the starvation problems here during that time. Any time you feel like donating foods, they can be dropped off at the Art Walk Plaza.
If you are a local national and would like to get into this market, contact Christy at TheBuceriasArtwalkPlaza@gmail.com .

All of the vendors at the Bucerias Monday Mexican Market are  full time Mexican residents of Bucerias. So many locals struggle through the summer to make ends meet, and of course, not just in Bucerias, but all over the Bahia de Banderas.
This Bucerias community market will continue hopefully into the summer months if there are enough local people to come and purchase products.

Delicious Mexican Cuisine
There are some very delicious foods being prepared at the Bucerias community Monday farmers market. All of the foods are homemade authentic Mexican cuisine. Serving up enchiladas, fruit waters, fresh frozen chickens and ducks as well, along with chicken and duck eggs too!, artisan cheeses, honey, flan, delicious juicy carnitas carved right in front of you with the tacos piled high for only 10 pesos, (delicious with all of the toppings) beef or mushroom empanadas (enjoyed the mushroom!) topped with chimichurri and salsas’ that are cooked fresh and hot at the table, and homemade tamales wrapped in banana leaves.
A woman sells homemade banana muffins and other muffins. These are the largest banana bread muffins I have ever seen. I suppose they are bread loaves, in the shape of a large muffin; I can attest that they are moist and delicious. There is a medicine / herb table as well. In the corner a local Mexican artist with paintings along with the art and crafts that are spread throughout the market makes the ambiance colorful and fun. Out in front by Pacific Boutique Properties is a very nice selection of jewelry at terrific pricing, and delicious nuts…all cooked in front of you, like the delicious sweet caramelized pecans.
Its nice to purchase form the Bucerias community nationals. Living here all year around, I do see the summer struggles. It is a long summer for everyone here on the bay, as most depend on tourists every winter. These folks do know how to live off of the land, having chicken and ducks, gardens and crafts of all kinds. They have learned how to survive (sometimes just barely) and it’s nice that they bring their delicious and authentic Mexican delights every week to the new Monday farmers market. I love all of the markets, another favorite being the huge La Cruz Sunday Market, who also supports many of the local nationals and their businesses.

The products are at Mexican pricing…which means low! When you purchase from these locals, you are sure to know that your money stays here in Mexico, and trickles down to their families. Come on over and check out the new Bucerias Monday Mexican Gourmet Market. I for one had no problem eating my way from booth to booth….Buen Prevecho!

Visit the Bucerias Community
for the Bucerias Monday Mexican Market on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.


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