Dog Rescue Adoption Program Needs YOU!

The dog rescue folks at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” need your help! Hey everybody, Cat Morgan here with Regional Network, and I am currently helping to house the dogs who have found homes in Canada and are waiting for their flights. Anything you can do to help the dog rescue animals is greatly appreciated. I know we also have a lot of street,  homeless, and shelter dogs also looking for forever homes right here around the Banderas Bay and the Riviera Nayarit area.
However, ALL of Mexico’s street dogs really do need a helping hand,. Here is information from Sue Mazur, who is the director of the “Mexican Mutt Mission” in Lake Chapala. She and the gang in Lake Chapala are doing amazing work in coordination with Amber Fox with “Funds for Pets” in Canada to get these dogs to Canada to their forever homes. Thank you for taking your time to read, support if you can,  and spread the word!

Dog Rescue with the “Mexican Mutt Mission”

Do you love animals? Well we do! We at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” are committed to helping the dogs in the Lake Chapala area. We are partnered with a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada rescue called “Funds for Pets”. We are a group of Volunteers in the Lake Chapala and Bucerias area raising funds to fly dogs to Winnipeg that will be fostered and adopted through the “Funds for Pets Foster and Adoption Program” established by Amber Fox (Director) of Winnipeg . There is a real shortage of fosters and adopters in this area and due to economic conditions many Mexican families are unable to provide proper financial means to care for the animals! Many animals are literally starving and eating out of garbage cans. Together we are currently finding temporary foster placements in Lake Chapala for the dogs that are in Dr. Pepe’s care which have been dropped off or should we say dumped off at his clinic. Some are left in closed cardboard boxes during the night and others are dropped off and never picked up or left at the door even during the day. One owner passed away and 14 dogs were left with no one to care for them. Dr. Pepe has taken them in! The dogs are being moved from the Clinic and will stay in a temporary foster home in the Lake Chapala area while they wait for their flights to Canada. Living in a small pen or a crate for 24 hours a day while they await a foster or adopter is no life for ANY animal!

Now you can I help the dog rescue project?

1) We are offering a sponsorship program for the dogs!  Please consider donating towards the cost to fly a dog to Canada with Westjet Airlines!  The dogs can be flown in cargo very safely and if you know of someone from Manitoba who will be traveling back from the Puerto Vallarta area to Winnipeg and they would be willing to provide transport for a dog on their Westjet ticket……we will pay for the dog’s ticket and look after all the paperwork required! Having a dog transported on a passenger ticket defers the “fly alone cargo costs” and it’s very easy, I have done it twice!

$$$$$ donated will also go towards food costs for the dog rescue fosters in Mexico, vetting costs, transportation costs to catch their flights and overnight housing provided by Cat Morgan of Bucerias who will ensure the dogs catch their early flights!

3) Also needed are donations of dog leashes, dog collars, dog beds, warm coats and clothing for the trip to Canada, old towels or sheets for transport crates, and any size airline approved crate. We will also accept donations of dog food and TREATS!!!!!

4) If you are able to temporarily foster a dog or two (while they await their flight) at your house fora 2-4 week period in the Lake Chapala, Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta areas we would love to talk with you! Food is provided!!! All you need to do is open your home and your heart to a dog that deserves a chance at a good life with lots of love!

5) If you are interested in adopting one of the Lake Chapala dogs please contact Amber Fox at “Funds for Pets”. She will provide you with an adoption application and details. We welcome those living in Mexico to adopt as well as our Canadian friends!!!!

Donations can be received through our Mexican Mutt Mission Go Fund Me Page: . For contact information email the Mexican Mutt Mission Director Sue Mazur at: or Amber Fox at Funds for Pets: or
Thanks so much from everyone at the “Mexican Mutt Mission”  in Lake Chapala!

Help the Dog Rescue folks at the “Mexican Mutt Mission” in Lake Chapala! 

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