La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico Vacation

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico , the meaning La Cruz de Huanacaxtle means the “Cross of Huanacaxtle”.  I have heard from a long time US resident that the name was founded when lightening struck a Huanacaxtle tree, and created a cross on the tree. I have not seen this in writing anywhere as of yet, however, this is one story told around the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico.  There was also a cross make from a Huanacaxtle tree entering the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.
Tradition, as there’s no better word to describe what is now La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico.  A cross made from Huanacaxtle wood is located by the beautiful main town square in the middle of the roundabout, (the glorieta) on your way towards the main docking area at the La Cruz Marina on the Riviera Nayarit in amazing Mexico.  Click on the links and photos to lead to more fun information.

The Glorieta and the Underground Story
Now, another story emerges, and was told to Lisa Van Thillo and  Lori Wilson from La Cruz, who had the pleasure of interviewing La Cruz’ Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro recently.  This is a another very cool story, and to say that it is more confirmed than the last!  It’s about the history of the La Cruz Cross, located at the Round’ a ’bout in the center of La Cruz’s main avenida, and right next to the La Cruz Town Square. The roundabout is also known as the glorieta.  Here is her words…thanks to my amiga Lori Wilson!

“When Lisa and I (Lori Wilson)  asked Angel (La Cruz’ Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro ) if he had any interesting and/or humorous stories about life in La Cruz he told us a story about the glorieta.  About 300 years ago pirates built a dungeon in the area under the cross with a connecting tunnel that had an entrance at the old Enrique’s Restaurant. The dungeon had chains attached to the walls and to this day the remains of their prisoners can be found. Apparently only the old timers knew about this and many years ago when the streets were being built a group of young boys found the tunnel and entered. One boy, who went in farther than the others discovered the remains. Can you imagine his surprise? The boys ran home and told their parents who immediately blocked the entrance. The parents have since died, but the boys are still living in La Cruz.”

What a great story! And, I am sure that those boys told stories for a long time, probably even to this day to their children and possibly grand children. WOW!

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico and The La Cruz Marina History
This small nestled  pueblo of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico was founded in the early 1930′s by visionary individuals with the last name of Chavez, and the town of La Cruz has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Located off of the 200 road as you head towards Punta Mita, and situated off the Banderas Bay, (the largest man made bay in Mexico), this small town can be easily passed by, yet boasts of unique places such as the newly rebuilt La Cruz Marina, which has served the public for more than 5 years. The year 2008 saw a magnificent harbor renovation which now hosts colorful spots for boat lovers, and sailors that come in to doc for the winter months, making La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico one of the perfect places to spend a magnificent Riviera Nayarit vacation in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico. 
For those people with a penchant for long-term sailing the town is particularly attractive. Much of this charm can be traced to the mixture of modern facilities and the traditional way of life. It can be compared to time travel, imagined by boat lovers, due the renovated La Cruz Marina.  It is no wonder that the smells of fresh fruit, the blue sea and all its gifts have a special place in the hearts and minds of all those seeking a refreshing vacation and of course, all those who want to live the life of sailing. La Cruz Marina is a favorite among all those who have visited the place and it has a prominent size in to-do lists of all those who know about it but haven’t visited, yet. The marina can house up to a 400 foot vessel.

La Cruz Restaurants

Beautiful La Cruz Marina restaurants with amazing views of the La Cruz Marina, such as the large marina restaurant overlooking the entire marina, serve the freshest catches of the day, Due to the fact that the  La Cruz Marina offers the expansive fish market that is open 7 days a week, the freshest fish is available.
Local restaurant chefs from all over the Riviera Nayarit come and purchase fresh fish for their menus.



During the high season, the La Cruz Marina also offers the La Cruz Market every Sunday, starting  on the first Sunday in November and usually ending in mid May. Vendors from Puerto Vallarta to Lo de Marcos and some from as far as La Penita and Guayabitos come to sell their wares and fresh foods. jewelry and everything in-between! The market runs from 9-2pm.

The fascinating place of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico combines the rustic charm of old Mexico with authentic Mexican restaurants, as well as restaurants that serve up Northwestern cuisines, Asian and German delights such as The Black Forest Restaurant.

Huichol Indian Art Gallery
The Octopus’s Garden hosts  a  unique and rather grand La Cruz art gallery with an amazingly large collection of traditional and modern Huichol art. Large and smaller Yarn Paintings, beaded objects jewelry, weaving and embroidery can be found.  Its fun to discover facts about the Huichol people of Nayarit and Jalisco; one of the most expressive shamanistic tribes in the world.
Check out more  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico restaurants  here.

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico,  is home to this authentic Mexican pueblo, and others along theRiviera Nayarit. The Riviera Nayarit occupying more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) of premium coastline provides the perfect locations for the best Mexico vacation.  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico is located between Punta de Mita, to the north, and Bucerias to the south, and about 50 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport,  Check out the newest website on the Riviera Nayarit  Fun Regional Network for rentals, restaurants, petroglyph tours, fishing tours, Marietta Island tours and all of the local fun in La Cruz! You may also email for any questions you may have.

Discover the small authentic pueblo of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Mexico
for your Riviera Nayarit vacation fun!

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