Authentic Sayulita Surf Bar Km5 Surf Bar in Mexico

The only authentic Sayulita Surf bar around is the Km5 Surf Bar and Restaurant on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.
The actual location of the Km5 Surf Bar & Restaurant is just outside Sayulita on the  back way out to Punta Mita, about 8 minutes. This Sayulita Surf Bar and Restaurant has views of the ocean and is surrounded by the jungle. This authentic Mexico Surf Bar looks like a “surf shack” and has sand on the floors downstairs, and a large open upstairs for a terrific view of the amazing Riviera Nayarit sunsets. Click on the photos and links for more great pics and information.

Conveniently located between the great surfing in Sayulita and  Burro’s, Km5 Surf Bar also has surf board rentals. Its perfect to swing on by and grab a protein smoothie to go, rent a board and off to Burro’s for a great surf day. Burro’s is nice  as its not a crowded as Sayulita, but be careful getting in and out of the water as there are plenty of rocks.

This Sayulita Surf Bar and Restaurant also has great food! They make fresh homemade pizzas, huge salads, vegetarian food like Portabello burgers with cheese and asparagus (sooo good), rich creamy smoothies, and they also have a full bar.
The Km5 Surf Bar and Restaurant is owned by local surfers. They wanted to create a fun and healthy place to come and hang out, enjoy a terrific meal and meet new friends. The Km5 Surf Bar also sells fun T-shirts, hats and cool stickers.
They also are helping to promote a couple of  non profit organizations that benefit the earth and its inhabitants.

Km5 Surf Bar is part of an non profit organization named Azulita. They teach the rural towns all over the Mexican coast about what to do with the organic garbage, how to create composts and soil from the trash. The way they do this by is traveling and giving speeches to the people; teaching the people to use organic pesticides instead of using toxic chemicals  that kill the soil and the earth. The also teach them how to reuse plastic, and show people the big damage plastic and chemicals do to the earth when people throw these products to the  rivers and into the ocean.

Alianza Jaguar

Also, part of the organization The Alianza Jaguar/HOJANAY “Hombre Jaguar Nayarit”  who are an environmental group that works toward the conservation of the jaguar and its habitat, while trying to involve the community and spark social participation. There mission statement is:
HOJANAY’s objective is to conserve and restore the health of the jaguar populations in the Sierra de Vallejo and Nayarit region by helping to maintain biodiversity and providing environmental services and education.”

They are located in San Pancho, and they protect the Jaguar from the farmers because the jaguar kills their cows. This organization teach the farmers how to reject the Jaguars and how to protect the cows avoiding any risk of attack instead of killing such an amazing animal as it is the jaguar. “From the Olmecs to the Mayas, the Jaguar was the pillar of Meso-American civilizations. A history of which, as Mexicans, we are very proud.”

This Sayulita Surf Bar and Restaurant has a lot going for it! Great food and good drinks, surfboard rentals, awesome sunset views and they support the local communities.  Km5 Surf Bar and Restaurant is perfect for a birthday party or any event with plenty of room for live music and dancing the night away.
Stop on by this authentic Sayulita Surf Bar, only minutes from Sayulita and Punta Burro’s and have a great time!

Discover the Riviera Nayarit..Km5 Surf Bar and Restaurant in Mexico.

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