Beautiful Bucerias Art & Collectables
Jan Marie Boutique

To discover Bucerias art, try Jan Marie Boutique, located on the Riviera Nayarit in Bucerias, Mexico. The beautifully designed Bucerias art shop has wonderfully crafted, hand made collectibles for every style! The store helps the community and buys unfinished art pieces from the local Mexican artists.  Their services include custom made art pieces.
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Shoppers can find anything from furniture and fine art to lamps, home accessories, and even ceramic tableware. With Easter in mind, the boutique also  showcase crosses from different artists from all around Mexico and are made from wood, tin and pewter. Each cross is unique and crafted to perfection. The store front is filled with beautiful Bucerias art and collectibles. Blown glasses and copper can also be found with intuitive designs that adapt to even the most elegant taste.

There are so many great conversational Bucerias art pieces that are very appealing to the artistic eye. There are the most fabulous works of onyx and authentic Mexican pottery. The Mexican Talavera pottery originates from Mexico and is the prettiest to look at.  These hand painted pieces are perfect for dressing up your table for Easter! The ceramic Talavera tableware is completely authentic, lead free, and will last your family forever. There is also more Talavera tableware at Jan Marie Talavera Galleria.

Shopping for Bucerias art at Jan Marie Boutique allows visitors to bring home authentic pieces of Mexico that they can show off for a lifetime. There are many styles of beautiful furniture for leisure or center pieces. The array of furniture includes anything from unusual chairs to tables. View the gallery of the many items from Mexican artists.  There are many different styles of home accessories and Bucerias art including uniquely crafted dishes and sculptures of all sizes.

There are so many wonderful things to see in this amazing boutique! There is something for everyone. Buy the kids a souvenir they can show to their friends when they get back home! Don’t forget to stop by and say hello when you are in the area. The locals here are very friendly and love to see new faces. Come visit Jan Marie Boutique for the finest Bucerias art and collectibles, located across from Mark’s Bar and Grill on Lazaro Cardenas 58.

Discover Bucerias Art and Collectables at Jan Marie Boutique on the amazing Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!


Banderas Bay Art Auction Sale in Mexico

The Bucerias Art Galleries located on the Banderas Bay, on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico are bringing an exciting event and a new concept to the Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas area, the Bucerias Art Auction for the public.
This Banderas Bay art auction is a public art sale, and gives one a chance to acquire a piece of art, a collectible treasure, a one of a kind antique item that you can show off, or an opportunity to have a unique conversation  piece from someone’s downsized collection.
Art is coming in from many sources such as  Banderas Bay art collectors, Banderas Bay artists and private homes around the Riviera Nayarit. It also is an opportunity to make space in your home, garage or attic while putting some cash in your pocket.
We accept all interesting items that you would like to sell or donate, just bring them in for evaluation.
Banderas Bay Art Auction and a Good Cause
The best thing of all, is that this auction benefits a great cause. Proceeds from the sales of the items will go to the ” Bucerias Children’s Library”.  This project started by a group of foreigners wanting to help local children learn to read and promote reading and learning to adults and young adults, and children.
The Bucerias Art Auction Public Sale will take place at the Bucerias Art Galleries center. There are several galleries that are sponsoring the event, Gallery 64 - Artists Showcase – Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo Museum – Espinosa Art Center and more joining daily.
This type of Banderas Bay art auction will be a first because it is not just an auction sale for a good cause, it’s also an opportunity for every person or business to sell unwanted or treasured items for cash, as 80% of the selling price goes to the seller, and the remainder of the proceeds are donated.The Banderas Bay art is from artists around the Riviera Nayarit, and surrounding areas. Banderas Bay artists are becoming excited about the event, as their is quit a bit of Banderas Bay art along with many Banderas Bay artists!
The Auction is on Saturday January 19th 2013, with viewing and registration starting at 5:00 pm. The Bucerias Art Auction begins at  6:00 pm. To enter items for the auction, please bring them between 10am and 5pm at the Bucerias Art Galleries, located on Lazaro Cardenas # 64 in Bucerias Mexico. Come and join us for a fun evening of Banderas Bay art collections and unique items. It is an event that you will want to be a part of.
For further information please call Paula at : 329-2981549 or email at this contact form.

The First Bucerias Art Auction in Mexico

Come and participate in  the First Bucerias Art Auction, one of the most exciting additions to the art scene in the Bahia Banderas Bay on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!  The sale is open to all residents and visitors. Please click on the links that lead to more information, and the photos, which lead to the Bucerias Art Galleries photo gallery.  They hope this Bucerias Art Auction Sale will become a monthly event and grow to attract buyers and sellers from a larger area. The Bucerias Art Auction is partnering with the reputable non-profit organization The Bucerias Children’s Library  / Biblioteca Rey Nayar that will benefit substantially from the proceeds.
If you wish to know more about the Bucerias Children’s Library opportunities to volunteer or donate please contact at: or call: 329.298.3334.

The Action Sale will be open for various entries such as: Art pieces, Antiques, Collectables and one of a kind items. They hope participation will grow as everyone realizes the all-around benefits gained from this kind of event. Not only does this event give the sellers an opportunity to “Clean House,”  get rid of clutter in the attic or garage,  or to move pieces from their art galleries,  but also to receive cash and contribute to a good cause, The Bucerias Children’s Library/ Biblioteca Rey Nayar.

Buyers, on the other hand, have a chance to bid and purchase on one of a kind items or art pieces they always dreamed about or, didn’t know existed while helping a good cause.  Purchasing at the Bucerias Art Auction also creates the opportunity to make a big bargain on a great piece of art, an antique or something that is wished for. With the holidays approaching, it is also a wonderful way for gift shopping.

Bucerias, Nayarit has emerged as a major hub for the Bucerias art scene, Roberto Donoghue from Canada states, “We expect collectors to follow us here and we want to expand our reach to Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta area. We’ve planned this for a long time. The conditions are right and we feel that the residents of this area are ready for this kind of exciting, philanthropic opportunity for the Bucerias Art Auction.”

It’s up to you to spread the word to your friends about the Bucerias Art Auction, and help build a solid base of sellers and buyers, as they can’t do it without you!!!

The Bucerias Art Auction entries are currently being accepted for the first Bucerias Art action Sale. For a free Bucerias Art Auction evaluation,  or to submit items for sale or for general inquiries, please contact us here.

Dates to submit items for the sale: December 10, 11, 12, 2012, hours 10am – 5pm at : The Bucerias Art Galleries located on Lazaro Cardenas # 64 Bucerias, Nayarit.
Registration and viewing are available on the day of the action December 15, 2012 at 5:00 pm.

Discover the first Bucerias Art Auction on December 15th, relocate to the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico for Life!



New Bucerias Artist, Bucerias Art in Mexico

There is a new Bucerias art gallery, and Bucerias artist, Michael Carlyle, as he and his wife Floydilou have opened the new Bucerais art gallery, “The Drop in Art Studio & Galeria“, showing local Bucerias art,  located on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.
Here is a story in the words of the lovely Floydilou, (and yes, that is her real name!) telling their story of their journey to Bucerias Mexico.
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Living on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico
We are thrilled to announce the opening of The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit. Michael and I have been looking forward to the time we could come live in Mexico.  Have you ever considered living or moving abroad? Perhaps you have that Riviera Nayarit artist inside of you and are ready to come out to play?

When  I first arrived on a one way ticket to Bucerias in August,  Michael was back in Toronto on a contract job at the Royal Ontario Museum.  He has always supported me in my dreams.  I was on a mission to find a way for both my husband, Michael Carlyle,  and I to live and work in Bucerias, Nayarit.  We are not of retirement age.  Michael is an incredible artist and teacher.  I am a small business marketing muse whose mission is to help small business owners thrive in their communities.  With the advent of internet, Skype, social media. I believe there is a whole generation of people who understand  we are a border-less, global community with ample opportunities allowing us to explore and discover a new way of life.

Bucerias Mexico won our hearts. Michael’s love of the kind people here, the ocean encompassed by mountains, year long sun and the Bucerias art community made it a perfect fit. Michael grew up in Victoria and lived near the Royal British Columbia Museum. As a young boy he always frequented the museums. He loved to draw.  In his adult life he would take on a 20 year career at the Royal Ontario Museum   It is evident that Michael has always surrounded himself with art and he  has also collected 100′s of hard covered art books.  If he doesn’t have an easel or paintbrush in his hand, you will often see him reading biographies of famous artists from Maynard Dixon to Alfred Sisley. He is an avid student of art and evolving his art.
He attributes his success to his mentors and now friends (Tanyss & Harvey) of The Art Academy of Canada.
We are two people simply taking a step. A motto I live by is not to a life with woulda, coulda, shoulda. As Canadians we are blessed to have the freedom to go after our wildest dreams.

Opening the Bucerias Art Studio & Galeria
Michael, an artist of 20 + years and I, an entrepreneur and traveling opportunist decided this year to make a go of it and be here full time. With Michael’s talent and teaching background and with my creative entrepreneurial ways we opened The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria on Lazaro Cardenas next to The Jan Marie Boutique. The Bucerias Art Studio on the second level, provides a venue for local and vacationing artists to gather, learn and create their work without the high cost and long term commitment of renting a commercial location.  Tuesday and Thursdays mornings Michael is onsite to provide artists constructive guidance and instruction. The rest of the week is open studio time to meet the demand of the growing Bucerias art community. Artists pay a 200 pesos daily fee to use the studio and work alongside like-minded artists. For better value you can take advantage of our monthly or seasonal rates.  We have people from all over the world for this Bucerias art experience and utilizing our open studio space. You may be painting next to someone from Paris or Oregon!  Taking beginner up to advanced Bucerias art classes at the studio is enjoyable as the space is open air, light and bright. He advocates painting from life thus teaches with real objects and people. You will catch the ocean breeze and have a view of the many tourists curiously looking up at the studio while walking down the main street Lazaro Cardenas .  While not in studio, Michael is most passionate about painting landscapes and offers plein air art workshops in Bucerias for both vacationers and locals.
Michael usually seen wearing a polo shirt, rolled up jeans with converse sneakers (or sandals when living in Bucerias) is casual by nature and intense with art. Michael has been commissioned internationally for his portrait work and has sold still life and landscapes at D&E Lake Galleries in Toronto, Mudpuppy in Windsor, Artcite in Windsor and most recently in Bucerias at The Bucerias Drop In Art Studio & Galeria. You can commission work by him, take a Bucerias art class, or purchase one of his paintings now on exhibit at The Art Bucerias Gallery. You can find him on facebook at

The Bucerias Art Galeria on the lower level has open art exhibits on a rotational 3 week period for local artists to show their work. Every week their art is seen by 100′s of tourists who enjoy The Bucerias Art Walk on Thursday evenings at 7pm. The hours for the Bucerias galleria is Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm.  Currently on exhibit are over 20 original pieces of art under 400 pesos ($30), perfect for a meaningful and thoughtful souvenir gift, holiday gift or host gift. Michael and I would love to meet you. Come by and say ‘hola!’.


Floydilou is known for her ‘laptop lifestyle’. Always learning and showing local-preneurs how to step into the spotlight with a showstopper business that brings them stand out in the community. She offers marketing workshops that helps you to blend both online and offline marketing concepts.
Most of her consulting and coaching work is done online via phone or skype. Check out !

Visit the Bucerias Galleries and Bucerias art on the Riviera Nayarit, relocate to Bucerias Mexico for life!


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