Restaurants and Other Food Choices


Eating in Mexico is not the same as elsewhere. The choices abound, for the considered lack of fast food restaurants anywhere other than in the larger cities.

Sit Down Restaurants

These are the places you go and get a table and are served. These are many San Pancho restaurants, like the Blue Pig BBQ and Blues, Arte Cafe as well as “cheap taco”  sit down restaurants, where typically tacos are between 10 and 15 pesos each, which include the toppings and a variety of sauces as well.  Yum!

Street Vendors

Some of these places have chairs, but mostly we are talking about either guys riding around on bikes selling you food like ice cream or hot dogs, or carts selling tacos. Some of the bigger carts have grills and can do quesadillas and hamburgers as well.

Lots of great food to eat off of carts in Mexico!


These are like butchers in the north, or the meat department of a national grocery store. All they sell if meat, meat and you guessed it: meat!


These are the local corner stores who have a little of everything, and almost always some food and drinks.

Farmacias (Pharmacies)

This is where you go for your drugs, and lotions and cosmetics.


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  1. There are several great restaurants in San Pancho.

    Two of my favorites is Ola Rica on the main street near the beach and their great beach restaurant, La Playa. Fabulous food and great drinks.

    Also good is Cafe del Mer a couple blocks off the main street. Great food and sometimes music or an art show.

    There are many other good restaurants, but these are my favorites.

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