Accomodations and Lodging Rentals


Are you coming to San Pancho for a visit?

Local Hotels

Part of the small town feel for San Pancho / San Francisco is the lack of chain hotels ones expects at 5 start destinations. Instead, you will find many charming, locally owned and operated hotels nad motels to serve your needs.

Accomodations Rentals

Another option is to find a house or condo to rent. Several are available on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Peak season here is from October to March, but once summer comes and it gets hot, there are deals to be had.

Lodging Considerations

If you plan to stay the summer, make sure you are above the flood plane (or live with puddles in your place), and have air conditioning, unless you are RIGHT ON THE BEACH. It gets hot and humid down here, so come prepared.


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  1. The months I love the most are November, April and May. They have warm days and nights, and no humidity or bugs like the summer months. Summer, with its humidity and electrical storms, is generally June 15 – Oct 15th.
    December and January are the coolest months and the most popular because of the holidays – but you might need a sweater at night!
    You can see whales swimming by from November to March, so those months are very special.

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